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  1. futon lounger

    a customer commissioned me to build a copy of a futon design that was no longer being made so after many measurements and a few pieces being redone i have a working copy of the original. unlike the original however my design has 4 settings instead of just 2 and I added a midbeam in to make it...
  2. Ojoche Sofa Bed

    Having an abundance of the Ojoche' (O ho chee) wood in inventory, we use it for many projects. It's a hardwood, and pretty easy to work with. I found designs online, and, measured our room to see how big we needed to build it. We like how it turned out. We need at least one armchair to go with...
  3. Finally Finished

    I know it has been along time but I finally got this thing done. So here are the final pictures.
  4. Daughter's Futon

    I built this for my daughter in order to free up some space in her room. I bought some plans from the internet and after a few changes I came up with this. The wood is ash with a boiled linseed oil under water based polly. The whole project took about 2.5 years - Not because it took that long...
  5. Futon

    <a></a> <a></a> Driving around town on a sunday afternoon i came across this futon frame which was tossed out on the sidewalk by home owner. The legs were wobbly and some of the wood pieces needed to be replaced. Hardware were stripped too so they needed to be changed also. After so many...
  6. Yet another futon

    For some reason or another I get a lot of requests for these low profile futons (until people see the shipping bill). This one was commissioned a couple months ago. it is a copy of one made by a British company that does not ship their product to the states. This projects is the first one I...
  7. Refinished maple futon

    Got a old broken futon from a couple that said it might be an exotic wood. The main supports were cracked and broken. After fixing and re-engineering the parts that failed I started to take off the dark stain to reveal hard maple. Much sanding and buying of new hardware the futon is very much...
  8. High school shop Futon

    Built in one semester at Whitefish Bay High school in Milwaukee, WI during my senior year
  9. Cedar Yarn Box

    Cedar yarn box I made for wife for her knitting.
  10. Site Help and Suggestions
    I may be stupid or it's the heat, but how do I find a certain LumberJock when you know his user name? Can I type his name in somewhere? I'm finding more fellow LJs here around home,I'd like to check out work. Please help a computer challenged LJ… THANKS! RON
  11. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Al Green, I'm a Ram.
  12. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hi im wanting to try and build a log futon couch, any one have ideas or plans they can share for this. is the hardware a must or can they be built without. also wheres the best place to get a cushion and material
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Im looking for a manufacture for a steel mattress support for a futon couch. I have to build a log futon and need the steel springs to support the mattress. Michigan area would be nice
  14. Designing Woodworking Projects
    The wife purchased a new futon mattress and now it seem that the old frame just won't do. The one we will replace had a metal mechanism and was bought 9 years ago. The new ones in the store seem to be all wood with a routed groove in the ends for a pin to ride in. Surelt there must be a set...
1-14 of 14 Results