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  1. Cutting Board w/ handle slot

    I made nine of the birch and walnut cutting boards for gifts, while using up a bunch of scrap wood.
  2. Lathe spindle steady rest

    shop made steady rest for Delta 46-715 lathe
  3. Mitre gauge handle

    Well, I got this new saw, after I got my new saw (long story) and in the process of getting my new saws the mitre gauge handle had some intimate contact with the floor, the result being a broken handle. After some swearing I started to process some ideas for a new handle. I got these short...
  4. Arbor Bench

    I recently made this oriental style garden bench, all from Cedar with exterior glue and wood screws, one thing leads to another so I made a brick base and planted a Wisteria Vine on it also. Fun project from a pattern that I found on the internet
  5. Adirondack Chair Moc Up

    I have been doing research on these chairs now for about 5 months. Last year I had several people ask if I made them or new someone that did. After looking at many different ways to make them and seeing many diferent chairs elsewhere and on this site I came up with my own pattern with alittle of...
  6. Siamese Faces

    SIAMESE FACES 12.5in.*24in. 2in. MEDIUM: ALDER, CHERRY, TIGERS EYE, BURNING TOOL ORIGINAL: 600 USD part of the birdland2012collection
  7. Glue gun box

    A while back i bought this glue gun It came in this plastic package you could only take of but never put back on, so i decided to make a little box for it with a compartment for the stick of glue Thx for watching and enjoy building Greetings from Belgium
  8. My First Natural Edge Bowl

    This was my first natural edge bowl. At least the first one that the bark stayed on. I was lucky enough to find a piece of Ash that was almost flat with the all the bark on it.
  9. Tesota bottle opener

    Tesota bottle opener. The sign where I bought the wood says it is similar to ironwood. A little finicky to turn.
  10. Dictionary Stand

    Here's a project I made years ago and it's one of my favorites. Solid walnut dictionary stand. Large turning, cross beam legs and angled top make it an interesting project to build.
  11. Weather Station III & IV

    Here are some shots of Weather Stations III & IV. The one on the left is Mahagony/Ebony. The right is Jatoba/Ebony. In these versions the wings are 15 degrees inward and the tops and bottoms are symetrical. The middle space is 1 1/4" wide. Overall I think these dimensions are the most...
  12. Flag Case

    This flag case was made for a friend of mine's father that was a veteran. The case has glass on both sides with one side hinging open and magnets inset in the frame to hold it closed. The 7 shells represent each on of the veteran's children.
  13. Ash Chalkboard

    This was made for a client living in a modified church out in the country. He wanted something he could move around easily in his extremely large space to block the sun and to sketch composition ideas in chalk for his photography. The posts have double tenons running into the wheeled feet and...
  14. Custom Picture Frame

    This is my wife's birthday gift this year. Simple frame made out of Poplar. I profiled it on my router table. I did a little cleanup with a small hand plane. The lettering is from a home party that she went to a couple of years ago, it is vinyl that you peal off the backer place on the glass...
  15. Segmented vase

    I love some the segmented pieces I've seen here and on Utube. I only blew it apart one time! But repairing was simple. I did cheat on the hollowing though. I still have to get a hollowing set, so I bored it like a box. There are 25 separate pieces of wood. Its made from poplar finished in clear...
  16. Full-scale Blackswift Scramjet!

    I was tired of the commute everyday; 3,000 one way. That took me 26 hours in my 1985 Yugo. You may think I'm nuts to travel from Rochester, NY to L.A. everyday, but wouldn't you if you were promoted to manager of a Taco Bell? I'm not talking second shift here either, but the day shift. Not...
  17. USS Enterprise - Full Scale

    I had some time on my hands, so I decided to go whole hog with this project. I started this in 1945. Just completed it, with over 400,000 man hours involved. Used 3.5 million board feet of quarter sawn oak lumber - basically all of Rhode Island. Painted the outside with 40,000 gallons of paint...
  18. Book End Rack

    I saw this dook rack many years ago and promised myself I would try my hand at making one some day. It is made of five dowels set firmly in the two end blocks. (One is 8" tall and the other 2") The blocks are 8"x 51/4" and the holes drilled into the center block are one size larger than the...
  19. Star Wars Wall Clock

    After cutting to length and gluing it up, I also passed it thru the planer. Just to get a nice flat panel. This was my first time cutting this much detail at the band saw. I didn't get very smooth cuts… If there is a bright center to woodworking, this is the process furthest from… And 2+...
  20. Focus on the Workspace
    This is a fun timelapse video of the aftermath after a lot of work. Hope y'all enjoy!!! Garage Shop Super Hero:
1-20 of 66 Results