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  1. Didgeridoo "Patchwork" Veneer project

    As soon as I purchased this black bamboo didgeridoo (Aboriginal Woodwind Instrument) and played it for an hour it CRACKED almost the entire length of the bamboo. So after an epoxy repair that looked really bad I decided to veneer the entire thing. I had no plan I just started cutting and...
  2. Ash Urn

    This was made of : sapele for the top and bottom, cherry for the vessel section and fumed eucalyptus for the columns. I enjoy using the lathe for projects when I get a chance. For the top section of the piece I cut four pieces and then mounted them in pairs on the face plate to make the arches...
  3. Wood ring and fixed antler ring

    Finished another ring out of fumed eucalyptus. Also inlayed a brass inlay into a antler ring i've made that for some reason the obsidian inlay would not stop chipping out, don't know what I did wrong but this brass should be chip proof ;)
  4. Few more rings

    Finished a few more steel core metal rings, first was a ammonia fumes eucalyptus, she wanted a dark wood and I didn't have ebony so figured I would try this, had a nice dark color to it, second 2 are koa for my brother inlaw, his wife wanted matching rings before his deployment, she wanted to...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Anyone have a review of Freund router bits. The only one that popped up on a search was for insert bits.
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Looking to buy some CL tools, and I came across a Dewalt DW733R (new in box). Anybody have though about this planer? Do I hold out? Is it good for an ultra-beginner? What would you estimate worth, if it was new in box?
1-6 of 6 Results