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  1. Bookcase for Baby Girls Room

    Hey guys. Its been a busy time for me with a growing 10 month little girl in the house. I don't know how some of you have the time to complete such awesome projects with kids. Still working on managing my time to get out in the shop. We moved last August and we did not own any bookcases...
  2. Another quick drum sander

    I needed a small drum sander, so I decided to make one. (Super cheap) :) Start off with a block of wood from the scrap bin and a hole saw Cut out the drum with the hole saw Get some hardware Screw it all together Use some contact adhesive and a piece of sandpaper And that is all that...
  3. Japanese temple 3

    Chureito Peace Pagoda & Mt Fuji Wood burning on bamboo flooring scraps. Colored with dye stain.
  4. Gun Cabinet

    This is a cabinet that I built for a local logger for some cedar lumber and advertisement in another community. It is Built from Cedar,trim made on router table , will hold ten guns. He wanted solid wooden doors no glass. Finished with some were around five coats of satin spray on lacquer.
  5. Finishing
    Recently purchased the Minimite 4 platinum HVLP system with the T75G gravity feed gun. I'm spraying full sheets of maple plywood. Zinsser quick 15 came highly recommended because of its fast dry time and its "ability to re-coat within 3 hours without sanding"... After experimenting with fan...
  6. Finishing
    I want to step up from my 2 stage Earlex HV5500. It's a great sprayer for nearly every wood finish except for latex paint. It will spray latex, but I have to thin it a little more than I'm comfortable with. I've considered airless, but the setup and cleanup is too much for the small projects...
  7. Finishing
    I'm trying to spray Target EM6000 with a Fuji 4-stage HVLP and am hoping someone with the same setup that has done it before can tell me how they set up to do this. I'm having trouble with the surface looking like it has stuff in it when wet and just sprayed. I'm guessing I'm seeing bubbles...
  8. Finishing
    I'm considering expanding my finishing options beyond rub in (Danish, Tung oils) and my cheaper air compressor driven HVLP sprayer. Not interested in brushing. Drawing on my experience growing up in an autobody shop, my go to is spraying. I have sprayed ALOT of pre-cat lacquer through a $30...
  9. Blogs
    Spraying Finishes, Lacquer and Gravity Feed HVLP 1. You will use much less material because the transfer efficiency is higher. 2. Less noxious overspray. 3. Better finish with no orange peel. Actually it is glass smooth, and seems almost automatic to get perfect results. 4. If you...
  10. Blogs
    Initial Impressions and Follow-Up Since I've been documenting everything about my experience with the Fuji Mini-Mite 4 I decided to collect all the info in a blog series. So here we go! Backstory (skip past this if you just want to read my impressions of the fuji): For about a year I used a...
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  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    My wife has informed me that we're re-doing the house. This includes changing out 13 interior doors and replacing nearly all of the trim moulding throughout the entire house. Oh, she also wants the change to include white-painted wood rather than stained. I do not know whether she wants latex or...
1-12 of 12 Results