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  1. Native American Angel

    Here is a scroll saw fret work piece I found the pattern in Woodworks and Crafts mag.I cant think of the designer off hand but I give him the credit for it.It is sawn on a piece of Brazillian cherry,with a piece of stained glass for a background.
  2. Indian face

    Heres another piece from a pattern in Woodworks and crafts mag.Again cant think of the designer but hats off to them.Its sawn on a piece of sassafrass, great wood to work with and smells like root beer
  3. Open Back Banjo

    Made this banjo in 2013 in my shop class in college. Neck and the pot are made from Pecan (Hickory) and the fret board is red oak stained to look like ebony. Head is calf skin drum head that tacked to the body. Neck attached with a dowel road. Dowel rod goes through the pot and the tail piece...
  4. A New Type Of Scrollsaw (MACSCROLL)

    I recently started some projects which I carried out using a router, but I soon realized I needed something like a scrollsaw to clean up the rounded corners etc. However I didnt have one and I wasn't sure if they could cut through 1/2" Walnut easily so I came up with this solution. It cosists...
  5. Pierced Fretwork Pendants

    I recently made a trade of my work for a Hegner scroll saw, which I feel should properly be called an electric fretsaw. It is to my Tradesman scroll saw as Rolls Royces are to Yugos. I have only begun to experiment with its capabilities and possibilities. These pendants are about 3/8" thick...
  6. Fret Sawing Jig

    Since I started making fretted instruments - dulcimers, ukes and banjos - the most often asked question is "how do you cut the slots for the frets?" I started by laying out frets with a 24" Vernier caliper from Harbor Freight and cutting them by hand with a fret saw. This worked but was time...
  7. Pair of Ukes

    Made a pair of ukes to see if there was any efficiency doing two at once - it basically took twice as long. One has an Ebony finger board, rosette, top binding and headstock overlay; the other uses Purple Heart. Back and sides of both are Jatoba - also known as Brazilian Cherry. The tops are...
  8. Guitar Fingerboard Compound Taper Jig

    This is a jig I built out of scrap wood laying around the shop to put a compound fingerboard radius on a guitar build I am working on. The radius's are 10" at the nut and 12" at the 12th fret. The fingerboard is made out of ebony and the neck is mahogony.
  9. Guitar Fret Cutting Jig

    I build this jig out of scrap wood to keep the pull saw straight while cutting the slots to receive the fret wire.
  10. Guitar Thru Neck Router Plane

    This is a very task specific jig for a thru-neck Tele SG hybrid guitar I'm working on. From the top of the fingerboard to the top surface of the body, there is an elevation change of 0.32". So whatever the final thickness of the fingerboard is needs to be subtracted from the 0.32", and that...
  11. More Guitar Jigs/Templates - Neck Taper, Truss Rod Slot, Flush Trim

    This is a group of fixtures used to get the truss rod slot cut, fingerboard installed, and everything cut down to final taper (final with a little extra for sanding). There is a master template (third pic) that is used to flush trim the neck after is rough tapered with a simple jig (fourth...
  12. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
  13. Blogs
    Dulcimer Nut and Bridge Replacement Over the summer my wife came home after visiting a former colleague and brought in an oldish mountain dulcimer. It had hung on the wall at her friend's house and she was wondering if it could be made to play. I'm no expert, but I took a good look at it. It...
  14. Blogs
    Cutting the pieces See the finished dulcimer here. [link] As a reference, I'm using the basic dimensions and instructions from the book: Making Folk Instruments in Wood by Dennis Miles Waring. The only place that I believe I'll be straying from his methods is that I'll be using home-crafted...
1-14 of 14 Results