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  1. Maple Burl Rolling Pin

    Recently I was graciously given a maple burl slab by a fellow LJ friend. Here is the result of my first working with of the slab. I think this rolling pin turned out fairly nicely, probably my favorite of the seventeen I have made. I did discover, however, that lathe chisels don't really like...
  2. Keepsake Box with Wooden Pocket Knife

    I've made a lot of keepsake boxes in the past. I've also made several all wooden pocket knives. I've made boxes for the pocket knives too, but I haven't made a keepsake box that includes a place to store a pocket knife. The box is made from a large Mesquite burl. The knife scales are made...
  3. a simple spear repair ... something different

    . Made from authentic African closet rod pine, . . . shaped on the lathe and shaved by hand with a block plane, . ...... for that jungle warrior/ woodworker authentic look. . . dried blood red stain, of course, and Tung oil to seal the wood grain. . . . Cash or credit - no...
  4. Finishing
    Walnut oil vs extra virgin olive oil both seem to be used when french Polishing. I am french Polishing a guitar with shellac and am wondering if there are advantages of using one over the other and when to use one over the other. The guitar is rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top ...
  5. Finishing
    I'm wondering if anybody has experience with Behlen Qualasole? It seems like a nice alternative and a real time saver to the traditional method of French polishing. If you've used it, how does it actually compare to true French polishing, or other similar finishing methods?
  6. Blogs
    French Polish Simplified Here we go with a simple method to French Polishing materials Cut material to your liking I find that these small swatch of material work great. Two piece padding one fit inside the other once folded and tied with a twist tie or rubber band. Next the product…. Store...
1-7 of 7 Results