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  1. Russian Olive Bowl

    Russian Olive with a bit of a burl in it. Love the caramel color. Fun project.
  2. Finishing
    I've made a small side table for my mother in law and we're driving about 8 hours to her place for a Christmas. The finish will be dry for a day or two before we leave but won't be fully cured and it will be below freezing for the drive. Anyone have any experience with this? Will the cold...
  3. Woodworking Skill Share
    I only heat my shop when I'm in it. Today I went out to work a little even though it was 9 degrees here overnight, and even colder the last few days when I had the sense to stay in the house. Turned on the furnace and began. When it was time for a glue up, I picked up the Titebond Molding and...
  4. Hand Tools
    Okay so apparently I took my waterstone out to the garage when it was not quite dry… When I brought it back in to do some sharpening it had some ice on it but was not broken. Now no matter how long it soaks it will not hold water. Once I do a few passes with a plane blade it's basically dry on...
1-4 of 4 Results