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  1. Freehand Router Fun..

    Here's my 3 attempts at making signs. The first one is for a friend's shop. The second is one I made for my house. The third is for another friend who has just completed a "sitting area" behind his house which he calls "Serenity". These were all done with a down spiral 1/4" bit and a 2 1/4 hp...
  2. Custom sign orders, freehand router work on sassafrass

    The speed limit signs were for a country lane where the reisdents thought day-glo orange was a bit too bright. They measure about 24 inches high.
  3. Red Cedar Freehand router signs

    I tried a new edge design on this batch and I think I like it. These are done freehand with a 1 1/2 horse router and a 60 degree v-groove bit on red cedar with a polyurathane finish. The humming bird sign is about 30 inches long. The 'Be Nice' signs are 8"x16".
  4. Some custom signs and some of my design.

    Some of these are custom designs and some are my ideas. Two are on red cedar, one is on ash and one is walnut. I am trying to use a little more color.
  5. Flying Arch Wine Rack

    This wine rack was designed for a friend who commissioned the project. Wood Types: Cherry and Mahogany dowels for the exposed pegged joints Finish: Zinsser Amber Shellac, Citrus-Shield Paste Wax Height: 27" - Width: 20" - Depth: 12" Designed to hold 12 wine/champagne bottles and 12 wine...
  6. Life Is Good rustic cedar signs

    We were really busy over Christmas with lots of Christmas orders. that was good but it feels nice to slow down a little bit now. here are some of the custom orders we did on red cedar slab wood.
  7. Custom red cedar sign orders

    I love it when they give me creative license, when they say "just make me a sign, I know I'll like it". Then I can have fun with it and try something I haven't tried before.
  8. Red cedar freehand routed sign for ******************** dog kennel

    This is 5 ft long and 20" wide. It will be painted in routed area with black and a couple coats of poly. Custom job for a local ******************** dog breeding kennel
  9. Nice pine log cabin sign

    This is about 4 ft wide, made of pine and done freehand with the router, double sided. Within a couple hours of putting up the sign we sold a cabin!
  10. Walnut coffee scoop

    This is a Christmas present I made for my mom. I started by sketching it out on a piece of scrap wood, and this is the end result. Best, Trav
  11. Rustic red cedar freehand routed signs-Christmas orders

    Here are some of our custom orders for Christmas presents. Still have 2 more to get done before the big day!
  12. Unfinished red cedar freehand router signs

    Customer requested these signs unfinished so he could get them cheaper, finish them himself and make a little money for himself. Hey, go for it, I don't like the finishing part myself. Details, details, details. I just like the creative part.
  13. iPhone dock

    Iphone dock made of oak. I free handed it on the bandsaw so I have no demensions. The bottom needs to be a little bigger to fit the charger in with out bending it to much. But it works good to FaceTime while doing school work or just to keep your phone in sight.
  14. Picture frame

    An oak picture frame I made out of an junk lamp I had laying around. Glued the picture in it then glued two pieces of wood across the top. In the back I cut a dado in the back piece and goued the stand into it. And attached them on. Works good for a small project. And can be sized to any...
  15. Plateau Freehand Pipe

    This is my first time working Plateau briar. It's actually much easier because you don't really have to be precise in anything when you are doing a freehand pipe. I tried to utilize the skin of the burl as much as possible; I think it came out nicely. I used a wedge stem made from ebonite. I...
  16. Simple bandsaw boxes

    Over a year ago I posted a bandsaw box project in which I said it was the first of a set of four bandsaw boxes that I did at the same time, assembly-line style. I finally finished the last two yesterday. My problem was handles. I didn't know of a way to make them look good made out of wood...
  17. Cube Within A Cube

    I posted a blog on a project made on a metal lathe. A 'Cube Within A Cube' I since found out there were plenty of examples of it being done in wood. This is the blog; I had to make one and as I commented in the blog; "I could not believe how easy it was...
  18. Exotic Mix Samplers

    These are crafted by hand with a different exotic wood "cap" for each letter. Fine hardwoods like Cocobolo, Rosewood, Pau Amarello, Madrone, Zebrawood, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, etc. are bonded to a Maple substrate. It is a great way (though time consuming) to use up precious little bits I cannot...
  19. Freehand router signs, cedar and barnwood

    These are done freehand with a router and a v groove bit. The Reel Inn was put on the customers own barn wood from their Grandpa's old barn.
  20. Hummingbird & morninglory carved cedar signs

    This hummingbird and morninglory design is my most requested design. It is done freehand with a router and large and small v-groove bits. I try to keep it big enough to not drive me nuts on the smaller parts of the design. I love the way it looks when it is done but have do a lot of talking to...
1-20 of 47 Results