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  1. Dust Free Router Table w/ Free Lift

    Dust Free Router Table with a Free Lift Been asked again about my Router Table which also an extension of my Table Saw, so I decided to make a post for it. The table is basically made out of melamine sheet with an exception of the top that is two ¾ sheets of MDF glued together and laminated...
  2. Chair

    Chair made to match dessk for my daughter. Solid walnut with faux suede cover over two inch foam pad.
  3. Figured walnut box 1

    This piece of walnut was striking. I featured an amazing pattern going from heart wood to sap wood and its infested with ripples and curls! The top of the box even has some live edge characteristics to it. The handle was made of purple heart
  4. carving or marking knife

    Here are some knives that I made from some reciprocating and jig saw blades. I drilled out the handles and put epoxy in the holes then put a pin though just to be safe. These are just general purpose knives that I use in my shop not to pretty, but get the job done.
  5. Bandsaw Bowl

    So it is a bit late for a valentines gift now but the idea of a bandsaw bowl is transferable to any shape. Hope this helps out someone. The videos aspect ratio is a bit messed up BTW. Check out my webiste.
  6. Reclaimed planter box

    This planter box is made completely of free wood scraps and pallets. I plan on having two of these for my deck and once I posted a picture of it on facebook, before I put the sealer on, it looks like A LOT of people want some also haha. I really just wanted a simple project to make using the...

    this is a box that was ordered for a anniversary present , from a friend for his wife . for the native american church . he wanted a heart with a lightning bolt thru it , a tatoo she has somewhere on her body ( i didn't ask where ) . i did the inlay with the lightning from holly , and was prety...
  8. Floating ring SUCCESS!!!... sort of.

    Yes, I know, it's another candle stick holder… What can I say, I'm on a roll! (I'll yank myself out of my comfort zone soon enough). This is the first time attempting a floating ring, this thing is about 12" long, made it out of Tigre Caspi wood - I've never heard of this kind of wood before...
  9. Dog Bed From Free Pallet Wood

    Ever since I made my bed, my dog has been going on it so he can look out the window. So I knew that I had to make a box to raise his dog bed up so he can look out the window on his own bed. He sheds a lot, so I wanted him off my bed. I designed this bed on SketchUp and changed it a little as I...
  10. Pallets - to - Planter Boxes (for Free)

    I always see lots of pallets on Craigs List for "free". I've always wanted to build something out of them because it seems such a waste to throw them away or burn them. So, this is what I came up with. I know I know. Pallet wood is not necessarily the best to use for direct contact with soil...
  11. Blues Brothers

    Scroll saw portrait cutout, somewhat basic the 1st one that I have tried. Image is from member jrpeteo, easy to search there.
  12. Candlestick trio

    I would like to think I finally mastered cutting the floating rings, considering there are 9 just between two of the pieces in that pic XD. The funny thing is that little one in front is probably my favorite. I call it the 'Randall'. If you mix 'rose' with 'candle', you get 'randle' (which...
  13. secret door for wine room

    "I want a secret door to hide my wine room". That's what our client told us he wanted. Nothing more and nothing less, that's all he said, and quite frankly that's all the direction we really needed. This is the type of client and type of project that really gets our creativity motivated and...
  14. Pallet Skeleton Halloween Decoration

    Last weekend I did my second halloween decoration of the year and made this neat little skeleton from free pallet wood. I had some soft 3/4 pieces of old pallet wood lying around, after gluing on a pattern I made up on photoshop I cut all the pieces out on the scroll saw. Did some fine detailing...
  15. Fractured Vase

    This is the vase version of the platter series I do. This piece is 7 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter. I have used macasur ebony as the vase top. The vase is made from a manzanita root ball. Manzanita root is challanging to turn as you always find rocks in it.
  16. Salvaging History

    I am looking for free or decently priced barns/barnwood/beams. I am making my own furniture as I love to work with my hands and my budget is next to nothing :D I am starting with my bed frame which I have detailed plans for. Along the way I would love y'alls advice and any thoughts or ideas on...
  17. Soap Dish

    Things I made on my summer vacation when I should have been installing insulation - part 2. Made Galoot style with nothing but a chisel and a hand saw from some Kwila decking offcuts which came in the wood pile I picked up last year.
  18. Lean-Too

    Granted, this is not much of a project, but it has certainly come in handy for me on many occassions. My neighbor gave me this idea for making a "Lean-too" It's simply three pieces of lumber that I bolt together when needed. I then drive two wedges into the ground to support the back legs...
  19. Pallet End Table

    Build Instructions: Video:
1-20 of 175 Results