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  1. Laundry Caddy for Mom

    My mother asked me to build a laundry basket caddy for her, that would allow her to stack 2 baskets with minimal foot print. It has a cherry frame with wainscoting panels and formica laminated on top. The baskets slide in and out on cleats. I added the drawer for a surprise feature. I had...
  2. A bed for my teenager daughter

    I have designed the bed together with my daughter so it will fully fit her taste, she is very lucky with the result. The Frame is dyed beech and the panel is Hard Maple plywood. The base is made of pine.
  3. A box Project for August

    Used up most of the left over scraps in the shop…..glued up a few resawn panels….Frame & Panel construction. Tray sits on four dowels, 3/8' x 3" long, one in each corner. Added a length of chain to keep the lid from flopping over the back. Top has some live edge….on the front and two...
  4. Jewelry/keepsake chest

    This idea came from those who are always shouting "more storage"! Just your basic chest of drawers with some flourishes. Dimensions are 20"W x 8"D x 9"H, constructed with Russian olive and walnut (primary woods), maple as a secondary wood. Construction is frame & panel. EDIT: The finish is...
  5. Home Office Improvement - Angled Frame Wastebasket

    Here are a couple pics of a wastebasket I made to help improve the home office. A little Quarter Sawn Oak to brighten the day. Made a short video here
  6. Shoadowbox bookshelf: another version

    My first commisioned piece for 2013. Inspired from a steel C&B bookshelf; this one is made from oak plywood (interior boxes and carcass), and white oak for the face frames. Ebony stain on the interior and a mix of weathered gray and "peppermill" on the rest. Satin finish poly all over. All...
  7. Case for Lie-Nielsen Planes

    I have several Lie-Nielsen planes and to store and showcase them, I built a carrying case. The case is made of hard maple and black walnut. (The walnut was part of a tree cut down in my neighborhood about 15 years ago). All dovetails were done by hand and the case front and back are frame and...
  8. Four Drawers

    I'm not sure what else to call it… it doesn't really have much purpose. I actually designed & built this over a couple years ago when I first decided to get back into woodworking, but left it sitting around without any finish on it until now. I had just got my router table and wanted to build...
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    When you have a nice big pile of barn wood? A project came up about a year ago. Involved about 5-6 drawers. Kind of tall. Not much money in the budget. I did have a nice pile of barn wood though A few cuts here and there And a frame of sorts appears. A few more to make some...
  10. Blogs
    The Base In this episode I give a tour of the base, talk about its construction and give some details on the router bits used.
  11. Blogs
    Start up Have a stash of resaws left over.. And.. And decided to "Book Match" all 4 pairs… and.. Sometimes, the bench vise acts just like a pair of cauls, and a third hand… Cauls as needed…. Not too sure about how that knot is going to work out..let these sit a day, or two… First...
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    This is for you spinny people. Is it possible to use a lathe to create the piece shown below. I know it has a segmented appearance, if this is done on a lathe, it would be an actual circle. The segmented look is the first way I thought of doing this. It is 8 inches across, 5 inch inside...
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    Can somebody give me advise or point me to a blog or something on making a curved frame and panel door? Similar to this drawing- Mainly on how to cut the groove for the panel and how to join the stiles with the rails. Thanks Dave
1-13 of 13 Results