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  1. Oak Carousel

    This is an oak carousel I made for my wife. The ones you buy in the stores just don't cut it. They are not tall enough to put our table top spices under and if you put them on top they tip and spin off. This is made out of 3/4" solid oak. I used a Cabot dark mohogany stain for the napkin...
  2. Paper Towel and Bag Holder

    I made this paper towel and shopping bag holder because the bags are usually stuffed somewhere and the are never handy. (At least in my house anyway.) This piece is 16" tall to the peak of the roof. It is 5 1/2" wide and 10" long. I made it out of 1/2" poplar. The dowel is 1" round with a...
  3. Wine Stave Votive

    We lucked out on some beatiful oak wine barrel staves while out wine tasting a few months ago. Along comes the monster-in-law's birthday, and the next thing I know, I'm wrestling with a 2" forstner bit and keeping the darn thing level on my little drill press. A coat of Minwax Classic Oak oil...
  4. Artist Painting Table

    Here is my latest project, an Artist Painting Stand. The stand is made out of Red Oak, with the tables made from Oak Plywood, Red Oak, and Purple Heart for accents. The dimensions are approximately 24×32 for the base, table height ranges from 26-38", one table is fixed and the other is...
  5. Kazoo Mania

    Granddaughter asked me to make a kazoo of wood. Because of my interest in acoustical instruments, I kind of went a little crazy making eight all together. I was hoping to dial in the best "tone wood" but it made absolutely no difference. However you may think I'm a little wacky but "In the...
  6. redheart and nigerian ebony

    redheart and nigerian ebony mini vases
  7. Large Basic Shadowbox

    Here is another customer request. Made from solid oak and stained natral
  8. Hawthorne again

    Natural edge turning made from Hawthorne 5" tall and 5" across. I so much enjoyed making the first one that I went and turned this one
  9. Christmas gift candle holders

    Well it's that time of year again - gifts from the shop. I made one of these last year for my Mom and got some requests for more. Couple of nice things is that the wood is natural looking and is just yard debris otherswise. I made 4 of these and got the candles at about 50 cents each so darn...
  10. Christmas Ornament - Block in a Block

    I see that someone just posted one of these but I'm going to have to give my credit to fellow LJ Dudley. I thought that a nice spin on this would be to refine it a little and make an ornament for my wife. We've been married for a little over a year now and...
  11. Checker Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

    This is a set of Grinders that I had rolling around in my head for awhile. It is Wenge, Padauk, Zebra, and Canary woods. I really like how it all came together. All the woods just seem to go together. I am still debating if I should sell this set or keep it for myself…. Comments are always...
  12. carved indian head!

    I made this for a friend in Tenneessee! I carved it and then done the painting, I hope y'all like it thanks for looking!
  13. Buffalo entertainment center

    This entertainment center was custom made for a client. Six drawers on the bottom with a carving of some buffalo along with a Indian camp seen. On the top part there is a set of glass doors where the TV controls go. With shelves on each side. Dark brown leather on the top.
  14. Spoons

    First from oak, others from little plum burls. First try of spoons.
  15. Cube Within A Cube

    I posted a blog on a project made on a metal lathe. A 'Cube Within A Cube' I since found out there were plenty of examples of it being done in wood. This is the blog; I had to make one and as I commented in the blog; "I could not believe how easy it was...
  16. Fisherman's Priest

    Well have been having fun again and turned this fisherman's priest. Made from odd scraps of wood I had laying about like Beech,Chestnut and Sapele the length is about 10". I have owned a Robert Sorby Texturing and spiraling tool since about 2010 and never seemed to get a half decent spiral from...
  17. Veritas Folding Adirondack Chair

    Here is my attempt at making an Adirondack chair. I've made a couple of big rigid chairs but wanted to make a couple of folding chairs for the garden and to take out and about. I used the paper plans from Veritas and found the instructions easy enough to follow, I stuck them on plywood to make...
  18. The Draper Lounge chair in Mahogany

    Long ago I was asked to make a project out of mahogany. I purchased the material for the project then never heard from the person again. Well I decided after 8 years I wasn't going to be getting that job so I thought it would look really nice as one of the newly designed Draper lounge chairs. i...
  19. Creole Table

    I had some very nice walnut that I was hording for that special project and found it in a 2007 Popular Woodworking (Creole Table)
  20. Vape Stands (for e-cigarettes)

    This past October I quit smoking by switching to e-cigarettes. While amazing, these contraptions presented the problem of being top heavy and prone to falling over. To solve this problem I made myself a stand so I wouldn't be knocking it (them, as I have 3) over when working at my desk. They...
1-20 of 61 Results