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  1. Chair

    Chair made to match dessk for my daughter. Solid walnut with faux suede cover over two inch foam pad.
  2. Map Bowl

    10 3/4" x 4 3/4" Spalted Elm. Debated between map and cumulus.
  3. Picnic Challenge

    Every summer, the local woodworking club that I belong to, has a "picnic challenge". This year, each participant was to make something out of three pieces of wood provided by the club president. Each set of wood was as close to identical as possible. The three pieces of wood were: a wedge of...
  4. Bradford Pear Hollow Form/Enclosed Bowl

    6.25"x2.75" Bradford Pear. Buffed, no finish or wax.
  5. Colored Pencil Xmas Ornament with Blue Dyed Finial

    This ornament was part of an experiment this year, I wanted to see how far I could take a Christmas ornament. I tried all sorts of things including color, segmenting, glitter inlays, and of course hybrid casting. The other objective was to practice finials and hollowing. Several of the ornaments...
  6. Spalted Tamarind Lidded Vessel

    I can see why hollow forms are so addictive. I really enjoyed this one. I think I will be doing more pieces along these lines going forward. If I had it to do again, I would have added some darker accents around the base of the piece or something like that. I guess there's no end to what we...
  7. Camphor Burl Vessel with Glitter and CA Fill

    Lately, I have been really fascinated with hollow forms. This is by far the largest hollow form I have made to date. I didn't know what this piece would be going in. My friend gave me this chunk of wood which had some significant issues including large voids, inclusions, and cracks. To mount it...
  8. Small vase

    This is a small vase I turned out of maple branch. I have been working on my hollow form turning for a little bit and this first time I didn't really mess it up. However, I am having some issues getting the interior wall smooth. I can't seem to get the "ripples" out of it. Since I have...
  9. Bradford Pear Form

    9" x 7" Bradford Pear Was going to buff this up as per usual procedure but I like the way it feels at 220 grit with some BLO. Very gourdy.
  10. Cherry Hollow Form/Vase

    First try at doing a hollow form. Trying to get better with hand hollowing.
  11. Eucalyptus Hollow Form

    Red Gum Eucalyptus Hollow Form. 5" diam X 9 1/4" tall. Turned to 3/8 wall. Finished with Tung oil / Varnish. Had a lot of fun with this one. This is the first tall hollow form I have had a chance to turn. I recently got a Capture arm hollowing system (Lyle Jamieson System), It works...
  12. Bent Form Guitar Stand

    Where to being on this project. The saga started this summer when I came home from school and had some time for the summer so I wanted to work on a project. I have access to a small woodshop in the area and I set out to try to find something to make. I started browsing LJ's projects to get some...
  13. Stemmed Spalted Sweetgum Hollowform

    Stemmed hollowform made of spalted curly sweetgum with brass inlays, a maple collar, and walnut base and finial. I have wanted to make one of these for a while now and finally got around to it. I started turning this piece while testing some equipment after which I left the uncompleted blank in...
  14. Eucalyptus Hollow Forms

    These two hollow forms are the result of my exploring the use of grain orientation. Both forms come from the same tree. In fact they come from the same piece of wood, adjacent to each other. Apart from having a difference in profile, they differ only in the orientation of the grain whilst...
  15. manzinita sculpture

    This is was one of my first attempts at wood sculpture. I made this a few years ago and ecently found the photo. I cut this piece from a dead plant while on a hike. I like the form of it. It took me nearly a month to sand the damn thing and now that i look at the photo i wish i could...
  16. Burr elm natural edge vase/form

    Hello folks here is another burr elm piece, the four pictures show the same piece but from different view points 7" tall by 5" wide
  17. Bradford Pear Thingy with Bark Inclusion

    Bradford pear. 5" wide at widest point, 3" tall. Will darken considerably over the next few days.
  18. Forming the Round Doors for the Home office

    In the home office project, there are large curved door. At the time of writing about the project, the pictures showing the form work were mixed in with over a thousand other pictures. Well, we found them, and I thought some people would like to see how it was done. To be honest I forgot how it...
1-20 of 31 Results