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  1. Fancy Cane #029: Claro Black Walnut & Figured Cherry

    This is a more conservative combination of woods. It's one of the more simple combinations of wood that I've done, but I've shaped the handle to be as ergonomic as possible and with some nice design to it to give the user a sense of style. (I am trying to abolish those ugly aluminum and simple...
  2. Drill press table

    I made a drill press table using 2 pcs. of 1/2" plywood scrap, t track, and a rockler router fence I got for ten dollars. It is 19" X 31 1/2".
  3. My first woodworking project (baby Crib)

    when I started this project for the little womans first grandbaby I had never built a thing. I had no tools (although I was looking for a reason to buy a grizzly saw), I didn't even know the difference between a plunge router and a fixwd router. I decided to make the crib without the use of...
  4. Smoke

    Another ArtBox. This one started out with 3/4" Walnut lumber x 36" long which I cut to width (3.25") and then cut a recess for the Myrtlewood panel that wraps around the middle (about 3/8" deep x 2" wide). After that dried, I cut a kerf for the 1/4" ply bottom and then mitered the pieces. I...
  5. maloof rocker

    I just completed this rocker and hope there is a buyer out there THIS IS FOR SALE
  6. File handle with brass ferrule

    Another file handle, this one a full inch in diameter. Bought some 1" ID brass tubing to go with my 1" diameter broom-stick. Hacksawed off a piece, bashed it around some with the 3# hand-maul, and then shined it up with the wire wheel on the bench grinder afterwards. Functional and prettier than...
  7. Fancy Wood Cane #023: Claro Black Walnut & Maca Wood

    This is one of my favorites, as the handle is an extremely dense piece of Claro Black Walnut and the shaft is Maca which is not commonly found, although it's being farmed and is quite beautiful. This is an earlier photo of this cane when I had first applied pure tung oil and tried a wax finish...
  8. Ice Cream Scoop

    I actually found some time to turn some Christmas presents before it was to late!! Main wood is paduk. Inlay is 1/16" maple sandwiched between two 1/32" black dyed veneers. The ellipse is cut on a table saw sled at 25 degrees. I don't cut all the way through the blank so I have some alignment...
  9. 17th Century Joint Stool

    I was inspired on a trip to Plymouth, MA when we visited Plymouth Plantation, a 17th century re-creation of the original settlement. Everything that exists here is done in the style of the late 1600's using tools and craftsmanship of the period. Peter Follansbee is the joyner in the community...
  10. Sparrow

    This is a turning I made the other day out of an old 4×4 redwood post I found. My girlfriend painted the sparrow on it. It's always cool doing projects with her. We have made a few xmas ornaments and decorations recently too that I may post. She does a great job painting. This piece is for...
  11. My Son's Mini-Bat

    My 14 year old who has been turning pens for a couple years had an interesting class yesterday. The teacher brought in a Wood Bat and the discussion/questions started going toward how is a bat made? Josh tended to have his hand up most of the time and was the only one who knew what the machine...
  12. Surprise swap items

    Fibonacci gauge made of figured maple and cased in brass. I wanted a high polish on the brass but I figured out it is near impossible to do without getting brass swarf embedded in the maple. The plates were already pinned in place so I couldn't do anything about it. If I ever do it it again I'll...
  13. Beads of Courage Box

    Turned my first Beads of Courage box this week … this box is oak and walnut, about 6-inches high (plus the lid) and 5-inches in diameter.
  14. Zero Clearance for Circular saw

    I lowered the base plate of the circular saw until the blade didn't stick through. I used heavy duty double sided tape to adhere a 3/16 inch scrap birch ply piece. I then turned on the saw and lowered it through the birch ply creating the zero clearance. As you can see in the last picture I...
  15. Navy and Marine Double Hat Box

    I was recently commissioned to build this Double Hatbox for a married couple. She is a retired Navy Senior Chief and he is an active duty Major in the Marine Corps. This is the first double hat box I have built with glass sides. We recently added a commercial laser to our shop and decided to...
  16. Rocking Motorcycle

    motorcycle using hickory,pupleheart, yellowheart, cherry, walnut, maple
  17. Cofee Table marquetry with roses

    It's a special Marquetry-Carpentery project, involvs lot of time, If somebody is interested I ask 1200$ for it, I can construct a copy in 2 months. Very expenshive veneers used, Rosewood, Palisander, etc.
  18. cabin sunset box

    This is a box I made with Walnut and maple. Has a wenge pull. The marquetry pattern has a variety of woods. This box is available at Thanks for looking.
  19. The rose

    Purple heart rose, poplar leaves, walnut stem on Anigre background. This piece is for sale at Thanks for looking.
1-20 of 328 Results