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  1. Footrest

    I was asked by one of my wife's coworkers if I could make a little footrest for her to use at work. She drew something on paper that didn't look anything like a footrest to me. I have never really used Sketch-Up before but I thought I would play with it to make a quick 3D drawing of what I was...
  2. Classical Guitarist's Footstool Footrest

    Just recently started woodworking and my brother is a classical guitarist so this was an obvious project for me.. The main footrest is reclaimed white oak with a leather pad and the scissor supports on the side are mahogany plywood i pulled off of some drawers (reclaimed) and some 3/8" dowels...
  3. Chippendale style footrest

    A Chippendale style footrest. These are my first and so far only hand carved claw feet legs. A lot of fun and great learning project. Black walnut. Carvings are cnc produced but the design patterns are mine. The foot rest is personalized with an Air Force specialty badge to make it one of a kind.
  4. Adjustable, Collapsible, Classical Guitar Footrest

    Used for obtaining correct position, posture, and comfort playing in the classical style. I copied the design from a commercial Cordoba version (that may have copied an old ironing board) The adjustable notches provide for use with different seat heights. Wood is 4/4 Movingui that is so hard I...
  5. Guitar Footrest

    This is my latest weekend project. I was borrowing a footstand from a friend for a few weeks, but then had do give it back to him. I was now left without a footstand, and had to make my own! I sketched up some quick plans and then started in on cutting the wood to all the right lengths and...
  6. Ash and Walnut Footrest

    Here is a simple project that the LOML asked me to make for her. She recently returned to work and wanted something to rest her feet on under her desk. Some of her co-workers had cheap plastic versions of this footrest, but we wanted something a little more special. I had a nice ash board in my...
  7. Mesmerizing Maple!!

    One of many benches made for the seating at my sister's outdoor wedding. This one happened to be my favorite so it now resides under my feet as I troll through this website. Top slab is 6/4"thick, 14" wide, and 39" long. Sanded as far as 220grit (wish I had went even finer). Finished with a...
  8. Stickley #369 Morris Chair

    Here is my Stickley slant arm Morris Chair. The chair is built to the original specifications of a #369, and is made from quartersawn white oak. The ladder back is curved, and made from solid 8/4 stock. The backrest is adjustable with a pair of oak pegs. I made an ottoman with double lower...
  9. Hockey Stick Stool

    This was my first hockey stick material made project. I had made it just with a handsaw and assembled it with some screws and made it two years back in grade 9 during exam break and sold it for a $50 to a friend. This was the same year i broke 12 hockey sticks in a season lol
  10. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I've got all the gear, I've watched the videos, read the books etc.. but when it comes down to sharpening it never seems to go as advertised. I'm trying to flatten the back of a new Lie Nielsen 3/4" socket chisel. I started on 400 grit sandpaper on a block of granite. This part seems easy, I...
  11. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I hope this is the appropriate place for such a post. Thought some of you would like this, especially those who grew up in the trades. Here's a little blog entry from my website.
1-11 of 11 Results