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  1. Wooden Soccer Ball

    long time ago I saw a similar project posted on here, so I decided to give it try… I mean it look simple and awesome. If I find the original link I make sure to post it on here, he deserve to take the credit for this piece. hes was much better looking,
  2. Football Bed | Custom

    This is a new edition to my Sports Bed series. This football bed was completed in August 2009. It has the same shape as the baseball bed, but in the football theme. We changed the headboard score board and replaced the bats with a goal post. To add a little more detail, I added hash marks on...
  3. Joe Montana

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson.
  4. Football Locker | Custom

    This is a version of my locker murphy bed that was built in November 2009. This is a murphy bed built to resemble a football locker. I normally build this in a baseball style. The inside headboard is designed like a scoreboard. This is taken from my regular baseball bed. The outside has...
  5. Football Award

    I shipped this award last week to a major D1 Football program. The nameplate is on the other side. The football is a 72-piece segmented turning.
  6. Football and helmet routed bowls

    Hey football fans, here is something you all could use for those tailgate parties, Thanksgiving football and playoff, super bowl parties. As you can tell they are football and football helmet bowls. The football measure 10 1/2×18 and the helmet is 12×14. The football is made from sapele which...
  7. "Big Game" platter

    The spousal unit found a picture online and said she wanted something like this. Sorry I don't know who the original person was, I just got a text. Either way…we were invited to a big football party at the beginning of the month is I figured why not. No plans, and 4 evenings after work. Made...
  8. Football memorabilia case

    I wanted to give a football memorabilia case as a gift, but couldn't find one which I liked and fit into my budget. I used walnut and ash for the base. For the case, I bent plexiglass using a heat gun and homemade form. The case is tall enough for the football to sit on a small stand. The...
  9. Bottle Openers

    3 Bottle openers based off of plans I got from Good Clean Fun by Nick Offerman. The maple one has an eagles logo carved into (did that with a Shaper Origin). The other two are bocote. A nail through the opening pries the cap off. The third uses a washer to do the same. They work fairly well.
  10. Football Snowman

    We met our granddaughter and her husband in Myrtle Beach, SC for a week last month. While there, she mentioned that she wanted a snowman Christmas tree ornament. A couple of days ago, I remembered and asked her how she wanted it… (my questions in blue, her answers in gray) Basswood, 3 inches...

    Cherry - 1st place - gold Beech - 2nd place - silver Mahogany - 3rd place - bronze This was one of my favourite projects lately - wooden football trophies for local kids football tournament. The main idea was to make something simple with football theme - only request was 12cm diameter...
  12. Football Locker Murphy Bed | Custom

    I took my Murphy bed and changed the face to resemble a locker. I've done this before in the baseball style. The name plates unlock it from the cabinet and it opens into bed. I use the Create-a-bed system, which is very easy to use. The Finish The finish that I use is a lacquer system that...
  13. College Football Season 2019 Is On!

    Thought I would kick off the season with a little wall art. These are about 22inches x 16 inches. Rough wood is great practice for the scroll saw. War Eagle!
  14. Football cheese and cracker board

    Just completed this cheese and cracker board. Made from Cherry and hard maple. It's about 8 1/2 by 14. I modified my design to rout out areas for the cheese and crackers to go. You don't have to do this but I think it's better. I sell these for 45.00
  15. Roll Tide Roll

    This one is made from cherry. Will make great fire wood…..cause I'm a War Eagle guy…ha.
  16. Helmet

    This is a Christmas gift to a friend who is a Steelers fan as well as Navajo. So I cut the helmet out with a scroll saw using birch ply. I cut 2 smaller discs for the logos. Woodburned the Navajo seal on one and the steelers logo on the other. Put magnets behind both so they are interchangeable...
  17. football cutting board

    This walnut and maple cutting board/server will score big on game day.
  18. Football Urn/Memorial

    This is a recent commission for a footbal urn. This is a segmented walnut lidded vessel fashioned after an official NFL sized football (at least my best attempt at it). This piece provided a number of challenges which makes it my favorite kind of commision (one that challenges). There are around...
  19. Recent pen order

    I was asked a while back if I could make pens with Steelers and cowboys logos…. took me a while to find someone that had blanks (I've yet to try casting my own) but I finally found some here that are made of alumilite. I'd never turned alumilte before but it was great to work with! As you see in...
  20. Round jewelry boxes

    First box is made from BRAZILIAN CHERRY and HARD MAPLE. Second box is WHITE OAK.
1-20 of 55 Results