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  1. Texas
    Every once in a while we all take a break to satisfy our hunger. This is a place to talk about BBQ, cooking and anything food related. Share your favorite techniques, recipes, secrets, and tips. This thread is located in the Regional Discussions in the Texas Sub Forum but EVERYONE is welcome to...
  2. Pizza Peels! <- yes I had to look up what they're called

    After some pizza making failures I finally got around to making the proper tool to solve my pizza problems. I had some old thin cherry that would work perfectly! (at least I was told it was cherry, I think it could be a close relative) The striping in one of them is just sapwood, not another...
  3. 65mm End Grain Chopping Board / Butchers Block

    This board has been carefully hand-crafted using reclaimed and locally sourced Ash, Beech and Sapele. It is made with waterproof, food safe glue and is a minimum of 65mm thick to provide strength and durability for everyday use. It is finished with a mixture of food grade mineral oil and natural...
  4. Dog Bowl - Feeding Station

    So not only is this my first woodworking project, but also my first posting on LJs! This is a feeding station for my sister and her husband's black lab. They were using some old mixing bowls for his food/water bowls and were looking for something to neatly store some dog food and remove the...
  5. Rolling pin - Palo de amasar

    First rolling pin that I do using various woods. The design is very basic, but the result is very good. The woods used are guayibira (Patagonula americana - dark) and guatambú (Balfourodendron riedelianum - light). The glue used, if necessary to speak, Titebon III (although Titebon II would be...
  6. Knife and fork - Cuchillo y tenedor

    Cutlery set matching the end grain dish for roast. A true novelty in these land. I glue the wood and an experienced man on steel did the rest (was very happy with the result). A sum of knowledge for a very nice result. The woods used are guayibira and guatambú, and Titebond III glue. Hope you...
  7. Burl wood topped box, Turquoise Inlay

    I bought some lumber from a woman cleaning out her barn, $10/wheel barrow full. I added a stump of burl wood to the pile. After cutting on the band saw and running the piece through my planer, I trimmed it with purple heart and maple. The sides are of ambrosia maple with walnut splines. I...
  8. Matched set end grain island top and cutting board

    This was alot of work but worth it. Mahogany, black walnut, spalted Maple, (non spalted) white Maple, and some ipe. My first sale on Etsy, shipped this morning to it's new home in California, and then out to sea on a fully restored 1960 something 46' yacht.
  9. Serving Trays

    Laminated sides. Some made with hickory, red cedar, walnut. Others red oak, red cedar, walnut.
  10. Dog Food/Water Station

    Here's the dog's new feeding station. The top is walnut & the sides & legs are soft maple. The sides & legs were joined with the Dowelmax and the top is set with figure-eight fasteners. Finally, the whole thing was finished with a number of coats of wipe on varnish. The is the first of many...
  11. wood table and chair set for child just starting to walk and learning to sit.

    My nephew needed a table and chair set to sit at as he is starting to walk using furniture to get around to keep his balance. The chairs are at the right height for a 8 month boy to start out with. he has a brother on the way so that is why I made two chairs. These were my own design. I looked...
  12. Cutting Board 5

    Cherry, Walnut, and Maple.
  13. Pantry Organizers

    Just some 16" long pine strips ripped 3/8" thick from 2×4's tacked to some leftover 1/2" baltic birch ply scrap with 18 ga 1" staples and century font burned on the front. Works great for making obvious visual segments in the pantry. The burned labels are a little unnecessary, but look cool I...
  14. Live Edge Curly Maple Bread Board

    Made of live edge Curly Maple with a subtle Ebony accent strip which highlights the separation between upper and lower levels of this bread board. The unique live edge features are in perfect harmony with the gentle curves of the maple grain and curves of the front edges of the board...
  15. Purpleheart and Padauk End Grain Cutting Board

    End grain cutting board made of Purpleheart and Padauk. 12" x 16" x 1 1/4" thick. Bottom has square Padauk feet to keep board away from harmful moisture on counters and to allow for improved airflow underneath. Thanks.
  16. Lazy Susan Cheese board

    This project was so much fun since I learned a few new skills, like making a round cutting board, a homemade circle jig and how to install a swivel plate for a Lazy Susan. I used maple, cherry and walnut for the cutting board that I glued up in 2 parts so I could run them through my planer...
  17. Kitchen island with wine rack, southern yellow heart pine top

    This was a commissioned piece for a friend who works with my wife. The heart pine was wide, 15" I think, and was harvested by a relative of hers. Always fun knowing you can't get another piece! I haven't used pocket screws since this, I've graduated to real joinery now, but we have to start...
  18. Atlatl & Darts

    I made this Atlatl Dart Thrower from my Hickory Tree branches, Bamboo Darts with various type points. Metal, bone, antler wood and flint stone . It is one of the aerliest known weapons and hunting tools known to man. It was found in a cave in france dating many many years ago. Cave man times. It...

  20. display case

    The framing of this display case was scraps i had left over from a bigger display case i had made. i hated to just throw it away so i made this. It's red oak with 4 coats of semi gloss urethane.
1-20 of 61 Results