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  1. Fold Up / Down Hanger

    Fold Up / Down Hanger

    As, hopefully, can be seen in the pictures, these are individual racks that fold down for use and up out of the way when not in use. These can be made to hold heavy cords and cables, or just for coats and clothing. You can adjust the size to accommodate the use to which you put them. Just...
  2. Mahogany Folding Bed Tray with Adjustable Rasier.

    Mahogany Folding Bed Tray with Adjustable Rasier.

    I have upcoming knee replacement surgery scheduled and I needed a nice bed tray for eating and using the laptop during recovery. I had a beautiful piece of African Mahogany in the shop left over from a recent cabinet project and I couldn't think of a better project to use it for. Mahogany is...
  3. Grandchild's Stool Seat

    Grandchild's Stool Seat

    With Grandchildren some items are more special when you build them. Oak folding Stool/Seat. This is made with Red Oak with European Walnut Plugs.
  4. Folding Router Table

    Folding Router Table

    I got the idea from Ridgid's older folding table saw stand. The frame is all 2×4 pine. The wheels are circle-cut OSB. Inside the there is a track cut that a one-inch dowel follows, allowing the back legs to fold in on themselves. It then tilts up on the "foot", allowing the front legs to fold...
  5. Backgammon Board Folding

    Backgammon Board Folding

    G'day I have just finished this backgammon set for my brother
  6. Folding deck chairs

    Folding deck chairs

    A pair of folding deck chairs I made a couple of years ago as a 'cottage warming' gift for my parents. They are made from white cedar, stained with a cherry/mahogany stain in an effort to get close to the teak furniture used in other parts of the house, but keeping them light enough to be...
  7. Pre LJ's Project #1- Small Oak Folding Table

    Pre LJ's Project #1- Small Oak Folding Table

    I made this one day about seven years ago, a scaled down version of it's larger cousin. I had the larger, pine one for about 30 years… bought it off of a friend who had picked it up at a yard sale. It's seen a lot of camping trips and barbecues, held TV's, and generally proved itself useful… I...
  8. Folding Gun Rack

    Folding Gun Rack

    A friend asked if I could build a gun rack that would fit behind the seat of a standard pick-up, and still be stable. This is the design I came up with. The gun rack folds up to a size that is 32"X20"X4", but is very stable when opened and locked. The wood is the Douglas Fir that was mentioned...
  9. Kentucky Stick Folding Chair

    Kentucky Stick Folding Chair

    Kentucky Stick Folding Chair Many have done this chair, but I liked the style of it and how it looks especially in a garden or in nature. At the end I did found out that it is comfortable to sit on also. Made this one out of reclaimed switish pine wood which I first treated for fangus etc. to...
  10. Smithsonian Murphy Bed and Two Desk | Custom

    Smithsonian Murphy Bed and Two Desk | Custom

    This was part of a group that was designed for a small room. It had the Murphy bed with a built in folding desk, a corner desk, a corner bookcase, and a TV stand. I'm going to focus on the Murphy bed and corner desk combination today. The design process took longer then expected. We had some...
  11. Football Locker | Custom

    Football Locker | Custom

    This is a version of my locker murphy bed that was built in November 2009. This is a murphy bed built to resemble a football locker. I normally build this in a baseball style. The inside headboard is designed like a scoreboard. This is taken from my regular baseball bed. The outside has...
  12. my first adirondack chair

    my first adirondack chair

    made from 3/4" light Meranti, sanding finish with nano-pearls sprayed on
  13. The Rhumbline Folding Chair

    The Rhumbline Folding Chair

    We were given a couple old folding chairs, they had exposed screws, some cheap pivot hardware, but a comfortable feel that surprised us. This is our first project together and we are quite proud of the quality and feel of our modern interpretation. Figuring out how to replace the bolt on pivot...
  14. Sideways Chalkboard Murphy Bed | Custom

    Sideways Chalkboard Murphy Bed | Custom

    This is a bed that was completed in February 2010. It is a murphy bed turned sideways with a chalkboard and a wide bookcase. I've build a sideways chalkboard bed before but not with the desk style bookcase on the end. The problem with the horizontal murphy wall beds is unless you place it in...
  15. Table Saw Folding Outfeed Table and Router Table

    Table Saw Folding Outfeed Table and Router Table

    I built this folding outfeed table and router table for my R4512 Ridgid table saw. The deck is laminated plywood with Poplar edges and legs. I saw several similar designs on the internet and I utilized some ideas from all the designs that I have seen. I was able to utilize the t-slot on the...
  16. Custom Sewing table

    Custom Sewing table

    This sewing table was commissioned by a lady that knew exactly waht she wanted in a sewing table but was unable to locate it through retails sources. She wanted a table that was small enough to fit in the space she had but large enough to utilize that space well with a flip up extension that...
  17. Folding Scrabble Turntable

    Folding Scrabble Turntable

    Several years ago, I started designing a somewhat elaborate Scrabble storage box that was also going to serve as a game turntable. The top of the box was split into two fold-out wings that would support the board during game play, the bottom would provide storage the the original paper box, and...
  18. Folding MFT-style Bench with Router Table

    Folding MFT-style Bench with Router Table

    I wanted a portable MFT-style bench that would fit into my SUV but that was lighter than my existing Festool MFT/3 tables. I was about to make a somewhat modified version of Ron Paulk's workbench using plans that I had purchased from him, with the modifications involving making it shorter so...
  19. Basic Folding Outfeed Table

    Basic Folding Outfeed Table

    I built this folding outfeed table out of scrap OSB, 2x material, and some old door hinges. My goal was to just have a folding outfeed table for larger sheets of plywood and long stock, as well as to serve as an extra assembly area so that I can finally start working on more than one project at...
  20. Home Brewed Router Table

    Home Brewed Router Table

    This is a router table which I designed following my purchase of an Incra LS17 Positioner. The problem which required the design is that the Incra LS17 requires a "deeper" table than any generally available. The top is simply a piece of melamine into which I routed a place for a Rockler lift...