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  1. No More Reindeer???

    Santa was spotted flying near the North Pole, practicing his take-offs and landings. Does this mean the reindeer are out of a job? Santa is 3 inches tall, carved from basswood, painted with acrylic paints. The propeller on the airplane will turn. Claude
  2. "Flying V" Electric Guitar

    FLYING "V" This Flying "V" style guitar body was constructed using reclaimed solid barn oak. The electronic cover on the back is solid walnut wood.
  3. Ruffed Grouse Relief

    inspired by my recent hunting trip, ruffed grouse in flight about 8×7 this ones hanging in my room quite happy with it. wing tips are kind of difficult to do, i discovered. the eagle will have to wait Comments, critique or questions welcome Thanks for looking, Mark
  4. Animated Wood Eagle Display Craft

    A new design created for 2015. This is an eagle made out of various hardwoods. The eagle measures, 12" x 21" x 7". The tail stabilizes the eagle when it is at rest. You roll it along any surface and the legs will push the wings up and down. The beak opens to give it a different look as you play...
  5. Maple Cabinet for a Crocheted Afghan

    I made this maple cabinet for my wife, Sandy, to display an afghan that was made by her great-grandmother. The afghan is over 60 years old. It is starting to unravel in some spots, so we designed this cabinet for displaying the afghan and to protect it from further damage. Sandy's dad...
  6. acorn urn, lathe project

    Hi everyone, This is an urn I recently finished for a friend, he asked me to make it for his father, an avid outdoorsman. He asked for an acorn and told me to take it from there. Acorn equals oak and I chose white. I glued up panels 8" wide x 14" then glued and stacked them to make the...
  7. Floating shelf

    Hi LuberJocks Shelf made to my Wife for Christmas. Red oke is used. 6×1m wood steamed in different shapes and glued + screwed together. She liked it. :-) BR SB
  8. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I have a Soft Spot for Aircraft. I built Hundreds of Flying Models Many Years Ago! SO! Why Not! Regards: Wicky …. I mean Richard! (Rick is Good.)
  9. Blogs
    Day 1: No Rush... I have a buddy who won a sailboat charter in the British Virgin Islands. I started off promising him to teach him how to sail well enough to go on his own. Long story short, we ended up chartering a sailboat too. The other night (over a few adult beverages), he said he...
  10. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Well, I guess I am going to answer my own question since I am replacing my Rousseau insert. This thing is impossible to set level since the plate is "warped by design". According to Rousseau, "The base plate is molded with a slight crown to ensure the center is the highest point. " Really? I...
  11. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I kind of fell into woodworking. I got here out of necessity, that being the need to build rather than buy speaker cabinets for my hi-fi hobby that got started when I was 13. It's been a great journey and has given me great satisfaction. I've learned to love furniture, working with tools and...
  12. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    I have had way too many close calls lately. I really do try to be careful… and I've had table saws for years. I have become a little gun shy lately due to some flying wood. The most recent occurred as I I was cutting a piece of very lightweight 3/16 plywood and a small piece kicked back. My...
  13. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    At first I want to say that this accident is totally my own fault. My "push stick accident". Cutting a 2×4 in thin strips I made a fatal error doing this. I was using a plastic push stick (I get this with my table saw) and was guiding the wood with my thumb. As the pieces getting smaller at...
1-13 of 13 Results