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  1. Projects Frank Llyod Wright style Taliesin 2 floor lamp - Additional pics

    Made a slightly modified FLW Taliesin 2 floor lamp for friend Greg's wife Kathy. The blueprints were from Prairie Design. Cherry wood was cut by Kathy's brother and air dried (... not enough in truth, still a little too wet when started). Thank the powers that be Greg wanted to do the wiring...
  2. Makore and oak framed Grueby Tile

    Framed 3 inch antique Grueby tile MAKORE frame with qtr sawn oak lattice work Frame and lattice design are my own making although Frank Lloyd Wright inspired. Finish is alcohol anilyne dark golden dye and a minwax mahogany oil stain, darkened with a little ebony oil stain. Splash of Japanese...
  3. Limbert Style Frame

    This is a frame I made for a Julie Leidel painting that my wife and I bought on our trip to the Craftsman Weekend in Pasadena this Fall. Julie is a kindhearted woman with an amazing artistic talent. The painting features an inspirational quote by Frank Lloyd Wright, and I think Julie did a...
  4. fallingwater lamp #2 and #3

    two more fallingwater lamps. I am experimenting with different combinations of timber and finish. the left one top is european beech finished with wipeon poly, the one on the right is Rimu and beech, finished with danish oil. the bases are Rimu finished with danish oil.
  5. FLW lamp - Taliesin 1 (sometimes called spring green)

    Its done! (well, sort of) I have finally finished the lamp, sort of. the sort of is because i need another washer to hold the shade firmly in place, the electrical wiring is not in place yet and the upper part of the shade needs to be re-made. after throwing away what I did 6 times i said to...
  6. Demilune Table #2

    Federal Demilune Table reimagined through the lens of Frank Lloyd Wright - walnut with holly inlay
  7. Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Table

    I have been intrigued by and have admired this table design since I first saw a photo of it in a book decades ago. The original table (which is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art) was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Francis Little House in or about 1913. The original was constructed...
  8. A Charcuterie Board (a.k.a fancy cutting board)

    I finally did it. I made a cutting ….. errrr…. charcuterie board. My daughters have been disparaging the cutting board we use to put the miscellaneous meats and cheeses on when we have a get together for holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Every time a holiday comes around I'm reminded...
  9. Frank Lloyd Wright dining room chair

    My interpretation of the high back dining room chairs that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the Robie house in Chicago, Illinois. (1909)
  10. Blogs
    Frank LLoyd Wright Barrel Chair Table Frank Lloyd Wright's influences on architecture and the arts and crafts style is everywhere. Buildings, bridges, stained glass, pottery, artwork, graphics, furniture and more. I've always admired his rendition of the barrel chair. This table is inspired by...
  11. Designing Woodworking Projects
    So I am building my fiance a jewelers bench - shameless plug of course. I need some help in the design. I'm building the top to be 19 inches deep and 39 - 48 inches (not sure yet) and about 39 inches high depending on her height( I want her to...
1-11 of 11 Results