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  1. Wood Flower Vases

    Another project built on a whim. These are basically tubes with legs. The woods are walnut and lacewood. My intent was to dress up a standard drinking glass being used to hold flowers. Since the glass (hopefully) keeps the water from escaping, I figured finding a way to enclose the glass and...
  2. Hibiscus Box

    A simple hexagon shaped box with a Hibiscus flower I stained onto the lid. This box was made out of bass wood.
  3. Wooden Desk Flower

    Unfortunately I didn't get better photos of this before I gave it away, but this is a technique I haven't seen here before. The petals are cut from a wood dowel, soaked in hot water, and then wrapped around the neck of a wine bottle to dry. The newly curved petals are then glued together in...
  4. Natural Edge Large Cedar Vase

    Nature's beautiful vase was always in this tree, I just made it visible. Turned, sanded, and sealed with tung oil. It may not be your cup of tee, but the customer loves it.
  5. Planter

    This is a planter I made for the final project in a basic woodworking class. The legs are made from laminated white oak and walnut, the rails and bottom are hard maple, and the thin vertical strips are cherry. All the joinery is mortise and tenon, and the finish is several coats of Minwax...
  6. Cedar Planters

    I built six of these planters for my wife for mothers day. Three blue, two green, and one lime green. All made out of cedar I had left over from other projects. The blue planters enclose a 'pressure treated box' that I built to hold in the dirt. The green planters have a plastic liner that...
  7. Basic Flower box- series

    Flower Power baby!! I like flower… especially in my bread. WAIT a second!!! Thats FLOUR… oh crap. Oh well, guess I'll put those sissy plants in this box when its made. Check how the video series at my blog or at
  8. Flower Box

    This was just a small box I saw in a restaurant one morning that I decided to make. The box was pretty simple; the only new part to me was turning that handle on my lathe. I wanted the handle to spin so I just made the middle part thicker than the ends that fit through the holes on the side of...
  9. Valentine's Day 2011

    This was my wife's valentine's gift. An assortment of "flowers" in an "impossible" vase with a "heart in heart" picture frame. My son and daughter each contributed a card and a picture for the frame. My wife was happy. The impossible vase is simple enough: two holes drilled through the vase...
  10. Flowers and vase

    Quick gift I made for the wife. Petals of flowers and stem are pine cut out on scroll saw. Center of flower is walnut as well as the scroll saw heart. Turned the oak vase on make shift lathe. (wood screwed to pulley on motor)
  11. Compound Cut Butterfly

    This was a pattern for a compound cut that I bought from Sue Mae. I used a 2×2 in block of cedar board, and sprayed glue on the pattern and fastened it to the board. Then I cut one part of the pattern out and taped it back to together, and cut the other part of the pattern out on the other...
  12. Lady's Dress Cane, Red Oak, Walnut, Black Lacquer, & Scrimshaw Artwork of a Kansas Native Wildflower

    ---------------------------------- This was a commissioned walking cane, so it has been sold and resides in Andover, Kansas USA Cane Serial Number #2008-33 Height: 34.5 inches Welcome Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom of this...
  13. Rose Carving

    This is my current project that I just finished last night. It is a long stemmed rose carved out of basswood. It was carved to scale and has all the veined and thorns carved in as well. The rose and septal petals are carved from one piece of wood and the stem and leaves are carved separately...
  14. Flower tea light holder

    This was my first go at a flower using compound scroll saw cutting for the small flower heads made from a purple heart pen blank and then assembled onto a dowel . The leaves were made basically the same way but from sapella and then mounted on a lime base with a Forster bit drilled recess for...
  15. Flower Boxes

    These were made from a cedar beam that I got from somebody who was going to throw it away. I didn't put any finish on them yet, but I'm thinking about applying some Thompson's water seal to help make them last a long time. Any other ideas to use for a finish?
  16. Sewing Thread Box

    I promise all my projects won't be boxes! This is a claro walnut box I made for my Mother for Christmas last year. She wanted something to put her thread spools in for sewing, and I took it as an opportunity to practice some marquetry that I recently learned how to do from Paul Schurch. I have...
  17. Must Have Been the Rose

    Right now you can see this work at Red Rocks Community College CoffeeShop, on sale Medium - dyed red oak, poplar, and walnut size - 22 in 11 in * 2in date created - february 2009 FOR SALE - $175
  18. Wooden Flower and Vase

    The vase is made from maple and baltic birch, the flower is made from pine. The curved petals are made using whats called a compound cut. Each petal comes from a 1" x 1" blank.
  19. Miniature Lifeguard Tower for Garden

    My sister Karen has a good sized flower garden. Many years ago, she bought a miniature lifeguard tower for her garden. She puts a doll on the tower to watch over her garden. After many years, Mother Nature took her toll on the tower. Rather than replace it, I decided to build a new one. I...
  20. Wooden Flower

    Something different from turning bowls a wooden flower turned from Macrocarpa, the flower was turned using the inside outside turning technique. Comments welcome
1-20 of 72 Results