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  1. Platform Bed

    The is the platform bed that I made for the new house. I wanted a simple looking bed frame that does not take up too much space because my wife and I are a bit minimalistic. The last picture shows the frame and the only downside to this is if we both sit on the edge of one side, the bed starts...
  2. "Floating" Reclaimed bed frame with drawers

    I built this bed frame for a customer a few years ago. She had the head board so i had to match the frame to it. She wanted a "floating" design with drawers built into the sides. The bulk of the structure was actually built with new from the lumber mill oak for strength. Once the frame and...
  3. Floating bed with 3D headboard

    Frame is beech, the headboard art is cherry, and the slats are ash. The bed is assembeled using Festool's hardware and dry 12mm dominos, and of course comes apart. One design parameter was to make it bomb-proof, as our 15 year old autistic son loves to use our bed as his trampoline. Each of...
1-3 of 3 Results