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  1. Photographing our Projects

    A few have asked me about how I photograph my projects. I will give a simple run down on how I do it. It may not help everyone, as I have some equipment that most people don't. I'll post a few of my most recent boxes and tell you how I shot them. I like to "feather the light on my subjects...
  2. A juniper flash drive

    Hi, this is my second project at the Lumberjocks. Did this as a present for my brother. Most of the work was done on a lathe, the slot for the drive itself was drilled and sanded. The lack of sanding near the drive on top makes my eyes bleed, but I don' t have a chance to correct my mistake.
  3. Design/Inlay Kit Booth 'Flash'

    In preparation for another season of The Woodworking Shows, we generally have to make some new 'flash' pieces to display in our booth. These pieces are created as conversation starters, idea generators and something you can touch that has been made by the product being demonstrated. The images...
  4. Pen Making 201

    I have been away for nearly two years from posting a project. To all my friends here; I am so sorry, I did not die, though I may smell like it at times do to the excessive heat we have had in Southern Indiana this past summer and not having air conditioning in the shop. I have torn apart that...
  5. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hi all! I joined Lumberjocks quite a while back and had some unexpected issues come up in life that prevented me from being active. But all is settled down now and I'm looking to be more active. With that being said, I was kind of hoping there would be a way for me to log my projects as I...
  6. Blogs
    Cameras and Photo Editing Hello fellow woodworkers, I have enjoyed looking at all of the excellent projects displayed on LJ. They inspire designs and urge me to make that next piece even even more challenging. All these project are shown to the world via pictures. A picture is your way of...
1-6 of 6 Results