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  1. Even More Coffee Scoops

    Trying to get ready for a few shows and have some items for local shops. I made up another batch of scoops, sorry the pics aren't better they really don't show these off well. First is Flame Box Elder, second is Spalted Box Elder, third is Spalted Elm and the last is Elm.
  2. Big Block end-grain cutting board - cherry, flamed box elder, maple

    The is a fairly standard (at least for me) big block cutting board made from 3" turning stock (except for the maple). The customer hand selected the flamed box elder pieces and was very involved in the design process. The final board is 1.125" thick, 19" long and 13.25" wide. I love the way that...
  3. Scratch Box Turkey Calls

    These are a type of miniature box call. I didn't show the paddle you use to make the sounds just the boxes. The first 2 are Eastern Red Cedar next is Black Walnut and the last 3 pictures are Flame Box Elder that has spalting in it. These are a great little project that can save some of your...
  4. Flame Box Elder Hollow Vessel

    A little hollow vessel. Some left over flame box elder. The finial made from an ebony piano key and ebonized maple. About 6" tall overall and about 2 1/2" max diameter. Wall thickness has light showing thru. Turned completely with Easy Wood Tools. Finish is wipe-on Poly.
  5. Flame Box Elder Bowls

    I finally got these finished today, they are all cored from the same blank, which came from the US. The fifth piece was a bit small so I decided to add it as a foot to the 3rd bowl, just to be different. Bowl No. 1 is 11.5in x 4.5in and is finished with Satin Gloss Lacquer. Bowl No. 2 is...
  6. Lectern...finally done!

    Well, the lectern is finally done, my friends! After about 3 months of part-time work, this one's in the can. No plans, just some loose measurements based on my Bryce rendering: I think it came out pretty close. The book riser you see is removable; I thought maybe the pastor might want to...
  7. Flame Box Elder Box

    I really like the color in this wood. It came from a guy named Kevin in Texas. He was one of the founders of woodbarter and sells some nice wood. The frame on the top and around the top and bottom of the box is Padauk. There is a little block of wood on the back to support the lid. The...
  8. Last Pendant Batch for the Summer

    This is my last batch of pendants I got made before classes start for the fall. I likely will not have time to make any for a while because of school but gotta keep the priorities right. Anyway, let me know what you think! 1. African blackwood W/ sapwood 2. Spalted Cherry 3. Natural Edge Black...
  9. A bowl out of Flame Box Elder

    Hey Guys, here is a turning I did out of flame box elder about a week ago. i really like it and i think that it came out great. i love the grain on it and the pictures don't do it justice. I got the Blank from Kevin at Texas Timbers. and i would really recommend checking them out if you are...
  10. More Coffee Scoops

    Turned 3 more scoops today. First 2 pics are Flame Box Elder and Walnut. 3rd pic is Spalted Elm and Walnut and the last one is Spalted Elm. Fun projects even if it does take me about an hour to do one. The bowl is 1-3/8" across and 1-7/8" deep handles are around 5-6"
  11. Wood & Lumber
    This post is just to make y'all jealous. These are 2 pieces I recently bought of Ebay. I am excited about them coming in. Never have I seen any wood like this. Most of the Box Elder I have found before was more pink. These are destined to be jewelry box lids. I'd enjoy your comments about what...
1-12 of 12 Results