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  1. PICT0030-Adj-LR.jpg

    A Wine Rack in Baltic Birch and 'woven' Flame Birch.
  2. PICT0037-Adj-LR.jpg

    A Wine Rack in Baltic Birch and 'woven' Flame Birch.
  3. PICT0038-LR.jpg

    A Wine Rack in Baltic Birch and 'woven' Flame Birch.
  4. PICT0051-Adj-LR.jpg

    A Wine Rack in Baltic Birch and 'woven' Flame Birch.
  5. P1013606-Adj-LR.jpg

    Picture Frame of Flame Birch and Padauk
  6. P1013610-Adj-LR.jpg

    Picture Frame of Flame Birch and Padauk
  7. P1013629-Adj-LR.jpg

    Picture Frame of Flame Birch and Padauk
  8. P1013632-Adj-LR.jpg

    Picture Frame of Flame Birch and Padauk
  9. PICT0014-Adj-LR.jpg

    A Wine Rack in Baltic Birch and 'woven' Flame Birch.
  10. PICT0027-Adj-LR.jpg

    A Wine Rack in Baltic Birch and 'woven' Flame Birch.
  11. Balvenie (Scotch) Cabinet

    This is a project I have worked on for way too long, (Work and Football season have really taken their toll). In my continuing quest for better hand cut dovetails and building small cabinets, i built this out of Flame Birch and Peruvian Walnut. I purchased the Birch with no project in mind, but...
  12. Arts and Crafts wine rack, Flame Birch and Ebony

    Hello everyone. Its been a long time since I posted anything. Thought I would show the reproduction I did of the 2013 Stickley collector's Wine Rack. The material is Flame Birch I acquired at an auction a couple years back. I got 450' of this beautiful wood and I finally decided to use some of...
  13. Rifle Display

    This is rifle display that I made for a client in California, I'm shipping it out tomorrow. The rifle isn't going with it he has a Sako he is going to display on this. I am really happy with how it turned out, I couldn't have asked for a better combination and selection of hardwoods to use in...
  14. Small modern TV stand/credenza/console/whatever you want it to be

    This is yet another project that was dictated by my (very small) lumber stash and evolved from there. I built the main cabinet from goncalo alves with a live edge white oak top a couple of months ago and had no idea what to do with it until recently. I made a couple of dividers from flame birch...
  15. Corner Cabinet c. early 19th century - Flame Birch

    Early 19th Century inspired corner cabinet made from flame Birch. The interior is painted with milk paint and the hinges are hand wrought from Horton Brasses.
  16. Panel Guage

    Panel Guage based on article in Popular Woodworking. Wood is flame birch. It is 28" long and instead of a cutting wheel I put a pencil holder. I may add a scratch pin later that can fit in the pencil holder. Finish is 2 coats of Watco Danish oil.
  17. Calligraphy Brush Holder

    This is a calligraphy brush holder I made in 2019 for my martial arts teacher after I moved out of state. Main part is flame birch, with inlay walnut banding, circle and dragon fly bodies. Wings of large dragon fly are alabaster and of smaller blood wood. The cranes are actually not wood as...
  18. The Grand Canyon State

    I randomly bought a piece of flame birch and it looked like a waving flag. Added some curly maple and some highly figured shedua for the red and yellow. The star is shedua, I had made another star out of tropical walnut embedded with copper, but changed my mind. It's an available option. I had...
  19. Walnut Book Shelf

    A couple years back I wanted to build something unique for my girlfriend (now wife) for her birthday. My dad was nice enough to let me use some walnut he had sitting around for a while and help direct me on how to go about making a piece that would look nice. I wanted to make it unique and my...
  20. Coffee Table

    Made this coffee table after getting another steal at the lumber store. I found a piece of birch that had flame going all the way through it. And got it for around $3 a bf. I had been wanting to make a coffee table inspired by my two black & tan dachshunds. We call them "the longbodies." I...
1-20 of 33 Results