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  1. Flag

    Made this for a fundraising event benefitting military veterans.
  2. American Flag

    American Flag measures 52×98 inches, made from 13 strips of storm damaged Douglas Fir and painted to try to make it look old.
  3. House Sign

    House sign for a co-worker that is building a new home, Scroll-Saw for the most part. Flag pattern is from Feburary 2002 Wood Magazine. One Shot Metallic Gold paint for the background, Hickory frame. I just purchased the DeWalt Scroll Saw and this is one of my first projects using it. Flying...
  4. Fireman's Fire Hose Flag

    This was a fun project….flag made out of an old fire hose. Wood of choice was Jatoba.
  5. Photo Image Transfer To Wood

    As I was surfing the YouTube waves I came across photo transferring to wood so I gave it a try. I didn't wait long enough for it to completely dry before I started removing the paper so it didn't turn out as good as it could have. So after a little roughing up with sandpaper and putting a coat...
  6. Random Shadow Boxes

    Here are a few pictures of shadow boxes I've made. The first one is a horrible picture of the first shadow box I made for a mentor of mine upon his retirement. It is made from curly maple and cherry. It was the first shadow box I made and it got so much attention that I was compelled to build...
  7. USMC EOD Shadowbox

    This was a project almost 10 years in the making. I made one of these style of boxes for myself when I retired. But I ended up re-doing it and giving it to a friend. So I finally got around to making one for myself. I refined the design to clean up the lines and had the laser engraving done...
  8. Firehose Shadow Box

    This was fun project for one of my departing Shipmates. The flag is a replica of our ship's battle flag…USS Harry S Truman. The flag is made from an expired fire hose from the ship. Everything was cut out with the scroll saw. The mustang in the center represents someone who has come up from...
  9. Civil War Flag

    A cuttingboard…sort of. I'm not going to cut on it! This is the American Flag as it was at the start of the civil war, 35 stars. This is a gift for my sister and brother-in-law who are civil war buffs. The proportions are to scale, give or take 1/8". Maple, bloodwood and walnut. Stars are maple...
  10. Flag inspired cornhole board

    This is a cornhole board that took a few hours. I traced stars over masking tape and cut out each star individually. For the dark colors, I used a gel stain to avoid the stain from going under the tape. The top is 3/4 ply and the sides are 4/4 stock planes to 3/4 inch.
  11. Flag Displays

    I made these for going away gifts for a couple of guys I work with. The flags were flown during our last deployment. I made two coin slots in each base, one is to hold my ship's command and the other is to hold a coin from the squadron who flew the flag during a combat mission. You know when...
  12. Memorial Flag box

    This was made for a fallen vet, the father of a friend of mine. Godspeed I used my new carvewright to put the old Air Force emblem on the side.
  13. Patriotic Ohio

    We live in Ohio. I asked my daughter if she wanted to make a project together for her bedroom. She said she wanted something Ohio, like with an American flag on it. So I start thinking and come up with the following design. I go to the big orange store and get a 1×6 poplar board. I use Mattias...
  14. Assasins Creed Flag Box

    Just a simple flag box to display the flag that came in the Assasins Creed 3 speacil edition.
  15. My Version of a Flag Pen!!

    Well, here it is. I made this from three PR pours and got crafty with some epoxy and my bandsaw. I have the making of this pen on video if anyone is interested in it, I will upload it to youtube sometime this week. Anyway, I am not entirely sure what I am going to do with this pen yet. I have a...
  16. Memorial Flag Case

    This is my first project post here. I unfortunately don't get to make as many things as I would like with fixing up my home and working full time but I get to make some things I enjoy at times. This is a memorial flag case for my Grandfather. He passed away a few years back and was a WWII...
  17. Police & Fire Flags

    I picked up a real steal, 78 - 4.5" x 8' pieces of mystery lumber at our local Home Depot for $5.00. The lumber was returned from some job site in pretty poor shape and was going to be crushed. I told the lumber manager I would take it and got charged the whopping $5.00. When I found out the...
  18. flag display case

    I made this for a friend whose husband served in Vietnam and has since passed away. She is giving it to her son who is his namesake. It is made from bubinga and finished with an oil rub. She picked the wood for it's color after I gave her some samples.
  19. Distressed Puerto Rican Flag

    Distressed Puerto Rican Flag 34.5 X 19.75
  20. First Responder Flag

    It was a busy few months with the holiday's. Had a bunch of orders to get out the door for Christmas presents. These are probably two of my favorite pieces that left the shop. The Fireman's axe was made separately then built into the flag. Turned out okay, was hoping for a little better turn...
1-20 of 191 Results