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  1. Modern Outdoor Sofa

    Here is a Modern Outdoor Sofa that I just finished up. I made the sofa from cedar 2×4 and 1×4 boards. We used upholstered cushions which my wife actually made. This will be the first of a series of back porch projects I make. You can see the build video here: And the build article with...
  2. Drill Press Stand for 10" drill press

    This cabinet is based off the Drill Press Stand plans from Brad at, which I purchased. I made a few changes, but this was my first time constructing a cabinet of any sort, as well as the first time installing drawers, and Brad's plans really helped me understand how the...
  3. Sideboard Cabinet

    Here is a Sideboard Cabinet I recently made. I used some old circular sawn walnut for the top and left all the sawmarks for the extra character. Turned out great! For all the details and plans head over to my blog post :
  4. Patio Cooler Grill Cart Combo

    Here is a Patio Cooler Grill Cart Combo I just finished. It's similar to a lot of the rustic coolers out there but I think I came up with a novel way to assemble and mount the lid so no nail holes or screws are showing. I also added storage to the side and a serving station to make it more...
  5. Outdoor Kids Acrylic Easel

    Hey, guys! This is a super simple project and definitely not fine woodworking, but if you have small kids or grandkids then this will be right up your alley. I made the Outdoor Easel from 2×4s and a 1×6 and used a sheet of acrylic for the painting surface. I also customized it with a CNC...
  6. Custom Walnut Backlit LED Sign

    Hey, guys! I just finished up a custom backlit LED sign I made for my logo. It's a walnut frame with LEDs around the edge that shine on a piece of etched glass I cut with a CNC laser. You can check out the full post on how I made it here...
1-6 of 6 Results