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  1. Projects Landing Net for Fly Fishing

    My old landing net was falling apart, and I figured it would be more fun to make one than buy one. The bag was the hardest part. If you make one of these, get the bag first and build your form to fit the bag rather than trying to get a bag to fit the form. Few stores sell just the net bag...
  2. Walnut and white oak landing net

    This is a landing net I just completed in walnut and white oak. This was a tricky project! Took me a couple of attempts to get the clamping form just right, as well as the size of the handle and the thickness of the strips. But now that I've done it once, I plan to make one or two more from some...
  3. Fishing Pole Stand

    I guess I'd have to say that fishing pole holders are a thing of mine since this is the second one I have made so far. This was a 2016 Christmas present to my wife's father and step-mom. Made out of half sheet of Baltic Birch. Finished with water based polyurethane.
  4. Can you tell what this is?

    A Portable Shore Fishing Chair with Rod Holders.Using only a 2×10 and no nails I designed and put together a shore fishing chair for when I fish for catfish and don't take the boat out or for when I fish the sea wall at Port Aransas. It carry's in 4 parts counting the connecting wedge. I have...
  5. Fly box & Landing Net frame

    Second trial of fly fishing goods. Smaller box fit for my wading vest. Bending shape of landing net is easy on my back to carry. I can not wait fishing season. Wooops,, I need to get the net itself…
  6. Fly tying cabinet with storage and folding work surface

    Since I was a child I have been tying flies for fishing and storage of all those materials was an issue. I came up with this design to contain the various feathers, yarns, hooks, and tools used in the process, and to provide a handy work surface to attach the vise to. The idea in the design was...
  7. Big Popper

    I made this guy from a piece of seasoned soft maple firewood. Shaped mostly with my sawzall followed by a Foredom power carver. Finding the hooks proved a challenge because apparently there's not much demand to catch a twelve foot fish. :) The last pic shows him added to my whacky adorned shed...
  8. More fishing nets

    Here are a coup;e more nets. Don't have bags for them yet. They are on order.
  9. Magnetic toy fishing set

    Walnut and maple toy fishing set. Super magnets in bobber and noses. The idea came from All the walnut pieces are 3/4 inch, the fins and tails are 1/4, the claws and turtle head are 3/4. The bodies are either 3" diameter round or 5"...
  10. Walnut and Lacewood fishing net

    This is my favorite net that I have made so far. I'ts kind of beat up because it is the one I have used for the past six years. I steam the frame pieces and let them dry in the jig for a couple of days. I laminate the frame and handle using West system epoxy. I run it through the planer and...
  11. Cute rustic branch fishing pole holder

    Just a cute little project, something to hold your fishing pole.
  12. Fly Fishing Rod Case

    I made this fly fishing rod case for a friend of the family for an 8', 4 piece fly rod of his. The body of this hexoganal case is made from Goncalo Alves (Tigerwood) and the end caps are walnut. One of the end caps contains some nice crotch figure and the other was hand engraved (by me) with a...
  13. Fishing game

    My wife had this idea the other day to make a fishing set for the little neighbor girl. Our boys have one of those little wind up fishing games and she loves it. So some time ago I had seen a really cool fishing game on here, and I thought that a wooden block type game would be cool. The fish...
  14. Rolling fishing rod holder

    Stole the design from Outdoor world. After a few modifications it works well.
  15. Fly Tying Stand

    This is a table-top fly tying stand that I made for my youngest son for Christmas a few years ago. It is made from figured maple and mahogany. The overall dimensions are 34"W x 24"D x 15"H. It is my own design, developed from looking at pictures of other stands.
  16. From pallet to pole holder

    This is from an oak pallet. Tore it all down. Had to square everything up. Used a 2" forstner bit for the base and 1 1/4" for the top holes. Angled the top inserts so the poles won't fall out. Rounded over the 2" holes so it is easier on the handles of the poles.
  17. Tackle box

    I built this little tackle box to keep my fishing gear in order and dry but mostly because just like a lot of other woodworkers, I dislike cheap plastic junk. It is constructed from poplar and cherry with hand cut dovetails and sheet cork lined upper tray and inner compartment bottom. The golden...
  18. Fly Fishing Rod Case - Cherry and Walnut, Engraved

    I delivered a pretty special project this week. Later this month, a mentor and friend of mine is retiring. Since I won't see him again before then, I gave him his retirement gift a bit early. As an avid fisherman, one of my fly rod cases was a natural choice for me to make for him. A couple...
  19. fishing pole desk light

    Made this for my mancave! the reel and the base are made from walnut, When you turn the reel handle the light goes on and off, I just used a lamp switch in the reel for that and the ballast for the light is in the tackle bag. the rod I had tried to make from wood but ended up making it from...
1-20 of 135 Results