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  1. back in shop keeping up pace. staying on track

    hi every one and thanks for suport I apreceate the nice comments. you all help me on my daily persut of world class manzanita furniture. my days are allways full of family and work in shop. been doing well things have been coming together great. heres today work ready for finish sanding and...
  2. Juniper fish-tank stand

    All alligator juniper, quarter round legs, "tree ring pattern" turquoise inlay.
  3. Fish Tank Stand

    I recently did my first big commission job for a couple friends of mine. It took several months, due to only doing it during my free time, and a couple mistakes that set me back. But I finally completed it. It's made out of 3/4" Oak plywood and 1x lumber. Stained with Rustoleum American Walnut...
  4. 110 gallon Fish tank stand

    Custom sized fish tank stand built with 2×6 and then overlayed with prefinished ship lap
  5. Custom Aquarium Stand and Canopy

    Hello, Every once in a while I build something that is really special. This is a 120g Aquarium Stand and Canopy that was comissioned by an awesome home owner. They have a amazeing entertainment center that they wanted to match and we took it on. It is clear alder with dentil mold, crown and a...
  6. Controversial "ugly IKEA design" Aquarium Stand

    Here is the finished project. This design caused a bit of a stir when I asked a question about it. Anyhow, here is the finished stand, in all its black "IKEA" glory. As some may remember, my sister chose this design based on one she liked in the store, so this is for her. It's made from...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    If you had this. (It measures 32" x 24") Would you rather set it up like this…. Or like this…. (cutting it down to 27") I'm can't decide which way to go.
1-7 of 7 Results