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  1. My first router table build

    Well as most of us can relate we seldom pass up any opportunity to gather cheep and or free building materials, and this project, as you can see in the contrasting tones and grains of the mass quantities of scraps that i routinely collected from a local cabinet shop back home that was very...
  2. Radial Arm Saw Upgrades and Work Station

    Currently in my shop I am limited on my number of larger tools. I have a miter saw that I have been using for all of my cross-cuts and a circular saw for ripping down sheet goods. However, after watching many videos on Youtube of the capabilities of a radial arm saw, and hearing Jay Bates say he...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Just saw a CL posting for a small delta jointer. It has a variable speed knob on it. Don't think I ever saw this as a feature before. When would you ever get better performance from a jointer at a lower speed?
1-3 of 3 Results