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  1. Fire Place Mantle

    A friend did the Stone work and I made the Fireplace Mantle. It was a nice team. The mantle is Natural Red Oak.
  2. Fireplace surround and Mantle in Jatoba

    This was done as part of a remodel of the family room a couple of years ago. We needed a place to put the new TV and decided that above the fireplace on the hearth was the only viable alternative. It consists of a plywood panel attached to the brickwork with lead anchors and it supports the...
  3. Mantel

    Here is my first attempt at building a mantle. The house had 9' ceilings and an old pine mantle that was only about 4' tall. I covered the brick with ceramic tile and built the bottom section from the hearth to the mantle first then installed the top section that goes from the mantle to the...
  4. Fireplace mantle with 3D carving

    One of my customers was looking for something very personalized for their fireplace. We worked together and after several iterations, we came up with the mantle with a ranch scene which fit right into their interests. It was a fun project and the customer is thrilled.
  5. Fireplace mantle

    Sleek looking contemporary mantle provides a good contrast next to natural stone, both being natural products. I laminated 4 pieces of 3/4" Birch. Stained the mantle with Minwax gel stain. Polished it with fiberglass rubbing compounds following 8 coats of Minwax wipe-on finish.
  6. Fireplace Mantle

    This is a mantle I built for our living room. My wife wanted it after she saw it on the cover of a magazine. The top ledge is MDF but the rest is Pine, but who'd know anyway after it's been painted all white. I primed it with Zinsser B.I.N. Primer/Sealer Stain Killer to keep the pine knots...
  7. Keyhole Mantel

    This is my Keyhole Mantel, so named for the walnut inlay modeled after an early 1900's skeleton keyhole. I started with a Montauk black slate hearth, and added strong arts and crafts lines with quartersawn white oak. The posts are made with locking miter joints. If you've never had the...
  8. My 1st fireplace mantle for my aunt

    My first fireplace mantle built for my aunt December 2009. Everything custom made except for crown molding.
  9. Oak Mantle

    This is an oak mantle I made for a client who wanted to match what they had in a previous home. It was a fun project and the clients were thrilled.
  10. Fireplace Mantle

    What a fun project.
  11. Fireplace Mantle

    Finally finished the fireplace and mantle installation. I've been thinking about it since we moved in over 10 years ago. The design for the mantle surround just came from basic ideas I was Kicking around in my head. Materials are cherry, curly maple and I made some trim molding from Black...
  12. Fireplace Mantle

    Paintable arched top with flutted legs fireplace mantle for a customer. I've also designed a 8' tall TV cabinet to match some of the lines in the mantle. Just waiting on them to come up with the funds for it.
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    Im looking for some feedback concerning this debate. Ive tried both methods, and havent gotten any negative feedback for either. The negatives I usually have read go like this: Solid wood doesnt hold up as long as a veneer/mdf/spanish cedar style. The negative for veneer- Veneering a humidor...
  14. Blogs
    Fireplace upgrade When my step daughter wanted to upgrade the fireplace mantle in her family room, we worked from a picture in a magazine she had, to come up with a design that was similar but would work in her room. We also added some crown molding and then repainted the room. Since all work...
  15. Wood & Lumber
    I picked up about 25 boards the other day in a fantastic Craig's List find. Problem is, I can't ID wood to save my life. I'm hoping some more knowledgeable jocks can help? I believe that the haul may have included oak, cherry, walnut, sassafras, and maple - but I don't know for sure. Fair...
1-15 of 15 Results