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  1. Fireman's Fire Hose Flag

    This was a fun project….flag made out of an old fire hose. Wood of choice was Jatoba.
  2. Firehose Shadow Box

    This was fun project for one of my departing Shipmates. The flag is a replica of our ship's battle flag…USS Harry S Truman. The flag is made from an expired fire hose from the ship. Everything was cut out with the scroll saw. The mustang in the center represents someone who has come up from...
  3. Firefighter Pen and Stand

    A friend game me this special pen. It is made from an expired firehose from the USS Harry S Truman. I wanted a special way to display it and a member of a FB page gave me the idea for this little ax display. Simple and easy but sure makes for a nice display.
  4. MORE Pens

    Here is a small selection of some of my latest pens. The first pen is the only one I am unsure of the material. I rescued a small slab of this stuff from a burn pile at a saw mill in NC a number of years ago. Thanks for looking Enjoy
1-4 of 4 Results