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  1. New Fangled Workbench in Texas

    I'm almost there with the New Fangled Workbench from FWW. Here's a link to a slide show with comments
  2. The NEw Fangled Bench

    Well, It seems to be a trend. I've looked at benches for a long time and for the price, size and utility, I'm looking towards a 6' version of John White's New Fangled Bench (Fine Wood Working, 1999). I'm not sure why, but no one posts the Sketchup drawing files on the net, so I've had to...
  3. Icosahedron

    Icosahedron or soccer ball shape made as school project for my daughter. From woodworking point of view it's total failure, but wooden filler and sanding paper made it sufficient for school project. My daughter helped with glueing and she has done all paintings. It's made of 10mm playwood...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    In the Fine Woodworking 2014 Tools edition Bob Van ******************** wrote about an L Fence that he attaches to his table saw fence. Then he will attach a straight edge to the wood and slide the straight edge along the L Fence. Here is a picture from that issue (ignore the red box at the bottom of the...
1-4 of 4 Results