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  1. Daughter's Science project - Rube Goldberg

    Howdy, This is my daughter's science project. We worked on it together. It's not a masterpiece of woodworking but it sure is fun. The entire concept is hers. I helped with a few of the triggers. Every piece of wood was reclaimed.
  2. Display Euro Murphy Bed | Custom

    At the end of the year I started selling off some of my display Murphy beds. Because of this I was left with a bare showroom. I wanted to put something on the floor that I haven't had there before. I decided on the Euro Murphy bed. This is a bed that I've built about five times before. This...
  3. Desk Clock

    I made this out of a piece of cherry someone gave me. It was the first project that I used my new DEWALT planer on. I used a cherry min-wax stain and then 2 coats of semi gloss poly nothing fancy just a simple and easy clock. Going to give it to a good friend of mine for his desk.
  4. Hand Tools
    Bought a set of Ulmia Two Cherries gouges on the bay. There's some type of protective finish film on them that is coming off exposing shiny steel. I tried lacquer thinner, denatured alcohol then mineral spirits and it won't come off. I'm starting to wonder if the prior owner put polyurethane on...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I recently picked up an old Disston back saw for $16. It kind of looks like a dovetail saw. It is straight and solid. The teeth have no set at all and they are dull. I have never sharpened a saw myself and I figured this would be a great opportunity to work on learning. Anyone have any...
  6. Focus on the Workspace
    I started floating shop build ideas on LG about 4 years ago and got some great advice. I took that to heart when I was finalizing the design and when I started building. I have room for a big lathe, cabinet saws, wood storage , my joiners workbench, room to assemble projects/furniture, a real...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I recently refurbished an old craftsman jointer. This fits into its fence. What is it?
  8. Blogs
    Concept Among my hobbies, photography ranks high. Lately I've gone back to film, shooting B&W medium format. Then I got the bug for a large format camera with all the motions and selective focus. 5 years ago, one could find large format gear for next to nothing. But now… it's becoming...
  9. Blogs
    Planing: A Short Film Made a litte video to finish up the weekend!!! View on YouTube Thanks.
  10. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Check this out:
1-10 of 10 Results