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  1. Figured Maple Bowl

    Just another bowl. Been trying to get better at turning lately.
  2. Spalted Figured Maple Platter

    If you get up early some mornings (earlier than is normal for me) and go down to the dock, the water is dead calm and a mist hangs over the water. Through the mist the outline of the island appears. Just then, a gentle breeze blows across the water, gently lifting the mist and rippling the water...
  3. Dovetailed and Straightailed Cutting Boards

    Centers are sycamore, aside from the striped board which is cherry and walnut.
  4. Two Platters

    Here are two platters, each about 10" in dia, that I turned while I was in Phoenix. Both are figured maple and were from blanks acquired from the local Rockler store. They were sanded to 2000 grit, given 3 coats of Min Wax Antique Oil and buffed
  5. Mountain Dulcimer

    I made this dulcimer for my wife. Although she doesn't play yet, she has wanted on for a long time. The woodworking club I belong to chose a dulcimer as a club project, so I couldn't put off making one any longer. This is my first stringed instrument, and was loads of fun to make. I started...
  6. Figured Cherry Gun Display Case

    Had some nice figured cherry I've been sitting on for awhile just waiting for the perfect project. My wife has had this beautiful engraved 1851 Navy hidden away in a case. Better to put it on display, I think. I made this for her for Christmas. The "glass" is lexan. I have real glass and cut it...
  7. Small table with splayed tapered legs

    I made this table after reading an article in Fine Woodworking on making tables with splayed tapered legs. I did not follow the instructions all that closely since I didn't have the same tools. At the time I did not have a table saw so I used a friend's table saw to rip the boards for the top...
  8. Stiletto Cabinet

    ---------------------------------------------------- FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE: ---------------------------------------------------- Solid figured Maple and Claro Walnut. The cabinet is 27" wide, 17" tall and 12" deep, and it stands 58" tall overall...
  9. Walnut and Maple Chest

    Walnut a figured maple chest that I built my mom for Christmas. Frame and panel construction. I'm currently applying finish right now so i'll post more pics once its done.
  10. Dog food stand

    This is a food tower, made for my dog to eat food at a higher level. Food towers are not recommended for animals who eat or drink very fast, or are otherwise prone to bloating. my dog eats very slow, and seems to prefer the added height. Made of walnut and maple scraps
  11. 8-String Guitar (Figured Walnut content)

    Hey LumberJocks Finally my first post. So There called SideArm Guitars and I'm really excited about them. This one started its life as rough boards from evilbay but from now on its only local woods. I think there's something to say about using local resources.
  12. Fancy Walking Cane, Camphor Burl, Maple, Bubinga, Whitetail Deer Antler, Inlays & Silver End Caps

    ------------------------------------- This was a commissioned walking cane, so it has been sold and shipped to Emporia, Kansas, USA Cane Serial Number #2008-27 Height: 35.5 inches Welcome Web Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom...
  13. Figured Maple dining table with a Turquoise inlay

    Such gorgeous wood…figured Maple dining table Lovely maple slab, this one measures approx 9×4 feet…I inlaid turquoise slabs and nuggets into some of the natural voids. There was so much variation in this table, the grain includes straight, quilted, birdseye and more with spalting, bug holes...
  14. First Go at a Carved Box

    I have been wanting to get around to trying a carved box for over a year, and I'm finally done-done with my first attempt. I used walnut and birdseye maple for the body, birdseye maple for the pull, splines and tray support, and flame box elder for the tray. A lot of lessons learned, but...
  15. madrone burl large and small bowl steamed and cured

    hi evereyone all is well love working the wood lathe. here are a couple of pieces i have done they came out very well i was very proud of my job. the steamed madrone burl is a outstanding wood type very stable and some great figure. you just never no how going to look untill i apply the...
  16. Japanese Cherry and Maple folding tea table

    My first post on LumberJocks; this small tray/table was a gift for my wife's birthday. It is made from locally sourced Japanese Cherry and Maple, and measures only 20in high as it was designed to be used as a tea table when kneeling or sitting on a "Zaisu" chair. Additionally, the table folds...
  17. Commissioning Pennant Display

    The commissioning pennant is the distinguishing mark of a commissioned Navy ship. It is customary for the Chief's Mess of a warship to award this pennant to the Commanding Officer upon his transfer. Most of the display cases I could find for ideas were shadowbox/picture frames. I thought a desk...
  18. "Grace"

    Since creating the last hood ornament mount I have become hooked! Taking something from the past and making it come alive is addictive. "Grace" is the newest piece. It is a 1942-50 Packard hood ornament. You can call it a swan but after some research it was claimed to be a cormorant (I still...
1-20 of 122 Results