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  1. Earrings from figured gum

    A pair of earrings turns from figured gum.
  2. Art piece from ash and figured gum

    This art piece was intended to be a lidded box…but the wood told me not to part it off. The wood was so figured I just couldn't bring myself to separate a lid. So I left it solid and it's just a piece to look at now. And I'm okay with that.
  3. Tiny egg from figured gum

    Tiny egg from figured gum, finished with tung oil.
  4. Credit card pen from figured gum

    A credit card pen turned from figured gum.
  5. Small stick pen from figured gum

    Small stick pen turned from figured gum.
  6. Pair of figured gum bracelets

    Pair of figured gum bracelets.
  7. Bracelet from figured gum

    Bracelet from figured gum.
  8. Bottle stopper from figured gum and narra

    Bottle stopper from figured gum and narra
  9. Napkin Rings From Figured Gum

    A dozen napkin rings turned from figured gum.
  10. Finishing
    Hey everyone! I know this is a strange topic being that General finishes is pretty much foolproof. But I wanted to get someone elses opinion and advice. I had a run in with General finishes "candlelight" gel stain, and it took me some time to fix which perplexed me because I've had such good...
  11. Finishing
    I'm repainting the facade around my front door and found that the 6'x1' top had rotted and needed to be replaced. I've built the replacement from doug fir. This top will be exposed heavily to sun, rain, and snow will collect on it for short periods of time. I am using Sherwin Williams Duration...
1-11 of 11 Results