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  1. File cabinet

    This was a fun project it is done 2 1/2" oak with two file drawer's and a locked door it's done in golden oak stain.
  2. Turning Japanese

    A very good friend sent me some Holly, it is exceptionally clear and creamy. What to do with it to do it justice? You be the judge if I suceeded. This is a box with a drop-in lid. Approx' 112mm square x 69mm high. Made from Holly and Indian Ebony. Glue is PVA and finish wax over sanding sealer.
  3. Woodworking Skill Share
    I am designing a jewelry box for someone who I love. My design for the box includes a switch that when you open the lid on the underside I am going to carve a night scene with a moon and stars. I want the switch to turn on a switch and make the stars glow with fiber optic cables. I want to hide...
  4. Blogs
    start: spinningwheel repair I will confess a fascination with spinning wheels and looms and all related things. partially because they look so complicated, partially because they have so much variation. it seems like (with the pre-massed produced ones), every single one is somewhat different...
  5. Finishing
    I am refinishing a pair of rocking chairs with fiber rush (paper twine) seats. The chairs were never used and were stored in a dusty damp basement. The seats were never finished and other than a few years of dust are in great shape. Does anyone have a suggestion for gently cleaning the rush...
1-5 of 5 Results