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  1. Table saw joinery jig DIY - Festool CMS LA fence (post)

    Table saw joinery jig DIY for my Festool CMS LA fence Merry Christmas must be my first words, as this post is on Christmas day, here in Denmark. I went to my workshop today, thought it was time for some hot wine, fire in the stove and well… I had no idea what, were just in the mood for a...
  2. DIY Table saw fence accessory for the Dewalt DW745

    New Table saw fence accessory for the Dewalt DW745 I wanted to add to the length of my Dewalt and also be able to add hold downs and use other jigs with it. It's quite short and at times the way it's made the wood would catch on the fence as it came to the back end of it. I wanted to add a...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I'd put this up as a reply to a review, but this was so bizzare I thought it should make the forums, rather than a buried reply. Bought my Rigid in July, use it maybe three times a week to cut blanks, almost always 4/4 lumber. Maybe 15 minutes of run time a week. Had a friend coming over to trim...
1-4 of 4 Results