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  1. Walnut Jewelry Box

    This is a jewelry box I just finished for my mother. (I didn't get it done in time for Christmas) It is a walnut box with maple inlays. The flower inlay was done using scroll saw marquetry and the petals were shaded using hot sand to give it some depth. The square black border around the...
  2. Putting on the Shutter Plank

    Working on the Shutter plank on the first year project at IYRS. There's a number of steps involved for putting on basically any plank on a boat. The shutter plank is the last plank on the boat. The first step of the process is taking the spiling off the boat. The spiling is what you see in the...
  3. Bandsaw/Drill Press Work Table

    This is my bandsaw/drill press table. I like to use this smaller bandsaw for doing smaller projects because I like to leave my bigger bandsaw with a resaw blade installed at all times. I put a vice on the work table and I made it so I can pull the bandsaw in and out of the table by using 2...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    I've built three tall cabinets, to be used as wine bins in a cellar, out of 3/4 inch oak ply. I have ripped 1×4 inch solid oak lumber 1 1/4 inches wide for the face trim. I'm planning to attach them now that the cabinets are bolted together and in place. Because the cabinets are not...
  5. Blogs
    Using Google Sketchup. I have used Google SketchUp (free version) for the last few years and have found it to be excellent for designing projects like this. All my crates are designed and costed based on these types of drawings. For this project I tried something new in the design…I added the...
  6. Wood & Lumber
    I need some advice on how best to attach this Black Walnut top to the table rails. From the looks of this piece the grain runs all over the place and I am not sure if I need to use some clips or if I can just make some elongated holes and screw it down. The piece is 12" X 16". Any ideas?
1-6 of 6 Results