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  1. Projects Farmhouse Table

    The wife expressed interest in acquiring a new kitchen table. I've wanted to build one for a while, but didn't really have an excuse to do so. Just finished this and she hasn't seen it yet, so I dunno if we'll keep it or if I will end up trying to sell it for enough to get my cost of materials...
  2. Wooden kitchen utensils

    I found this site through another member, so I thought I would register and share what I make. I will add more wooden utensils later. If anyone is interested in how to make wooden utensils or the tecniques I use, or anything that has to do with the spoon making proccess, I will be happy to...
  3. Outdoor Farmhouse Table and Benches

    A friend wanted a simple outdoor picnic table. After looking at some ideas online I showed him this idea and he had no trouble paying the same amount of money for a much more customized table. I used the cheapest AC2 treated lumber I could find and put this together in a weekend. Its about 8'...
  4. Reclaimed White Oak Dining Table

    Check out my latest build. I make this Farmhouse inspired Dining table using Reclaimed white oak. I add some elegance with the addition of curves in the base. Check out the Video on how I made it!
  5. Farmhouse Table

    This table took me a few days and was my first ever woodworking project. Luckily the wife loved it! You can see the other photos on -Jim, Wyoming,
  6. 8ft Trestle Table

    An 8 ft trestle style table for my cousin Jimmy. Wood is Douglas Fir and Pine stained with Minwax Weathered Oak and Special Walnut. Finished with polycrylic matte finish
  7. Farmhouse table

    After researching farmhouse tables I drew up this design. I used 2 inch maple for the top. I learned the hard way that staining maple is tedious and doesn't guarantee a good finish. I used a wood dye and I loved the finish. The legs are simple pine that I painted black. I used three coats...
  8. Farmhouse Coffee Table

    Moved to our first house and needed a smaller coffee table to fit the space. For this project I used dowel joinery to make the table top and Kregg pocketholes for the table base. The stain was a mixture of 0000 steel wool and distilled vinegar. All finished with Minwax Polycrylic.
  9. Farmhouse table of dyed construction lumber

    Per the trend these days, my wife requested I make a farmhouse table for our dining room. The table is made of framing 2×4s and 2×12s. All joints are hand cut mortise and tenons (never, ever again). There are also tongue and groove breadboards that were cut with the router. I had the entire top...
  10. Truss Beam Table I made for my Brother

    It's made out of 4×4 pine lumber and a granite top. Youtube video: Video Free Plans: Plans
  11. Walnut Dining Table with Breadboard Ends

    Here is a walnut dining table made from a tree that was downed during a storm at my customer's property. Wood was air dried for about two years and stored in a climate controlled environment for another year. Top is about 1 5/8" thick. The finish is General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Satin.
  12. Large Walnut Dining Table No2

    Here is another walnut dining table made from a tree that was downed during a storm at my customer's property. Wood was air dried for about two years and stored in a climate controlled environment for another year. Top is about 1 1/4" thick and the dimensions are 102"L x 72"W. The finish is a...
  13. Farmhouse Table in Hickory and Painted Poplar

    This is a Farmhouse styled table. The base is a distressed painted Poplar finish and the top is Hickory-1.5 inches thick,42" wide and 60" long with bread board ends. An almost full build blog can be found at the link below: -Alan
  14. Farmhouse style Kitchen/Dining Room Table

    My wife has wanted a new kitchen/dining room table for some time, and I must admit, I did too. The one we had was a 48" round table and 4 chairs. It had a wrought iron look to the legs and chairs but the chairs just wouldn't go under the table far enough to be out of the way. Our kitchen is...
  15. Maple Bench

    This is a little bench I made for our hallway. It is made out of maple that I recovered from an old broken bunk bed. I wanted to have some kind of arching support for the base. This is what I came up with for a design. This is my first 'real' piece of furniture. I learned a lot and I...
  16. My first table with turned legs

    This was suppose to be a simple table with simple legs. However I got a wild hair up my you know what. Decided to create turned legs. My husband thought I was crazy and insisted I wait on trying my hand at turning these legs or turning anything. Of course I had to prove him wrong. What made...
  17. Farmhouse Table

    I made this farm house table for my mother-in-law as a Mothers Day present to replace a similar pine table. The legs and apron are maple with mortise and tenon joinery. The top is cypress (hard to find in New Jersey).
  18. Farmhouse Table

    Most recent project. Farmhouse table made with 2x lumber from HD. Cost less than $100 in total. Table is 36" by 55". Not too big as we only have a small space. Legs are 3 2×6's plane square and turned. Distressed with cottage paint. Top is dark walnut minwax with 5 coats of Poly, rubbed with...
  19. Farmhouse table from recycled wood.

    This is a table i built for my house about 15 - 20 years ago. The top is made from planks taken from a remodeling job I did on an old plank house built in the early 1800's. They were separating 2 small bedrooms that became one. The nail homes are from the lathe that was covering the planks on...
  20. Another Farmhouse Table

    With 23 guests coming for Thanksgiving I needed another table to accommodate the crowd. This is a quick and simple farm house table that I built in two days. The table top is 5/4 X 8 pine boards I purchased from Lowes. The turned legs are from Osborne Wood Products. The apron is 1 X 5 pine...
1-20 of 41 Results