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    A few years back I was lucky enough to get 8 boards of 2" thick clear white cedar. I always wanted to build an outdoor project with them, but wasn't 100% sure what to build. Last month my patio table finally deteriorated to a point that was beyond repair so I decided to build this Outdoor farm...
  2. Farm house style table - Ana White Inspired

    First big furniture build. Ana white inspired farmhouse style table.
  3. Walnut “farm” table and bench

    Here is a solid walnut table and bench with breadboard ends in a not so rustic "farmhouse style" made for a client. It was my first time working with walnut and I must say, it's my new favorite species of wood to work with. The table is approx 7ft by 4 ft. Finish was a light coat of oil...
  4. stainless steel farm sink

    This is a handcrafted stainless steel farm sink for a client, we bumped out the base cabinets to give a larger feel and added some s4s columns. All cabinets finished in white lacquer paint. looks great very eclectic farmhouse feel
  5. Farm House Dining Table

    I bought an old, pine, "well used" table top at an estate sale for $5 and then found a cheap table on craigslist which ended up being $40. I removed the top from that table and put the pine top on it. I distressed the white paint on the legs and stained the top with a dark stain. Then I clear...
  6. Farm House Table

    Pretty happy with this. My first turned legs project. Full 5×5 posts and the top is a full 2" thick. Ive always wanted to make this and a trestle table. Well, one down; one to go!
  7. It's that time of year again!

    Christmas is coming so it is time to start making presents. This is a super simple project that make you popular during the Christmas season. These "tumbleweed lights" are made from a big piece of reclaimed beam that I have had for several years. I cut it up to a usable size, used the router...
  8. Farmhouse Desk

    Greetings! Thought I'd post my most recent project. I've been working from home full time and really needed a decent desk. The wife is going full on farm house lately so it needed to go with that theme. I took the look from a picture online, but designed it myself. The center drawer also serves...
  9. Buffet and Hutch | Farmhouse Style

    This is a Buffet and Hutch that was completed in December 2007. It was designed in a Farmhouse style Buffe look. What gives it that farmhouse look is the combination painted and stained colors, beadboard back and bun feet. It was built mostly from popular and birch. The doors are the one...
  10. Farm House Style Dining Table From Reclaimed Barn Lumber

    This was a recently completed Farm House Style Dining Table that I commissioned for a customer in the Chicago, Il area. It's a BIG table, measuring 4' x 8' x 32" without the two 16" extension leaves that can be added to each end. With the leaves on, it measures over 10 1/2 ' long. Reclaimed...
  11. Farm house table and benches

    another basic project. found a great set of plans online. Made up of 2×4s and 1×8s and many, many pocket screws! was my first time using a kreg jig and was really happy with the result. My wife used her wood burner to brand a "T C" with a little heart.
  12. reclaimed wood coat hook

    The wife brought home some old fencing and asked for a coat hook. I ran some 1×2s horizontally to hold the planks together. When asked for the hooks she produced some old spoons. So I hammered a flat spot, drilled them out, and screwed them to the boards. then mounted the whole thing to the...
  13. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Does anyone have ideas of where I can obtain plans for a farm house table.
  14. Woodworking Skill Share
    Newbie Post here but cant find the answer so I figured I would ask… Ok, so I am in the process of building a new dining table (dimensions 40" x 72") out of Ash. I plan on the grain going the length of the table as well as plan on putting a 3-4 inch breadboard at each end for aesthetics as well...
  15. Wood & Lumber
    Hi there! Im new to the site and am trying to figure out what kind of wood I'm dealing with. We are building a home and using reclaimed lumber throughout the house. We used a mix of hardwoods for my cabinets and pine for the ceiling. We found cool old floor beams from a barn. They were the...
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi All, I'm a young, aspiring fine woodworker who's looking to move up in the world. As I take on more projects, I'm realizing that I need a table saw that I don't despise with most of the bones in my body. I currently have an aging Sears Craftsman 10" direct drive saw. It runs fine, but...
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1-17 of 17 Results