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  1. Intarsia Bearded Dragon Wall Hanging

    This one took awhile to finish and has 237 different pieces. I tried to take some pictures to show the depth of this piece because I used a lot of shims and used wood from 2 inches down to 1/2. The face looks blue, but it is really wenge and it is the way the light hit it for the picture. No...
  2. Flying California Fire Dragons by Beaver

    Flying California Fire Dragons by Beaver See videos here: Flying California Fire Dragons by Beaver
  3. Elf Chest of Drawers

    I found an old weathered board somewhere on the farm recently, don't remember just where, but it spoke to me and this is what I designed for it. Very rough and rustic but it sold with in a few minutes of opening at my next show. Weathered Oak.
  4. Fantasy book shelf

    Manzanita legs, juniper shelves, and hours of inlay work. 25 different turquoise inlays over all. Joining all this, to function as a level book shelf, felt more like sculpting instead of assembling. Difficult but rewarding.
  5. Hiking Stick: Red Birch Sapling, Elk Antler, Burled Walnut, with Inlays and Scrimshaw

    ---------------------------------- This Hiking Stick has been "Sold" and resides in Phoenix, Arizona USA ---------------------------------- Serial Number #2008-37 Height: 53.75 inches Welcome Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom...
  6. Boat Signboards

    I'd like to share these two signboards I carved for one of my customer's boat. He was retiring and wanted to mount them on either side of the bridge. Before starting I took an alphabet to a blueprint reproduction store and had the letters enlarged based on how long the boards would have to be...
  7. Big & Tall, Fancy Barley Twisted Walnut & Maple Walking Cane, Curly Maple, Cherry, Segmented Turning

    ------------------------------- This walking cane has been "SOLD", but I can make another one, just email me email: [email protected] Serial Number: #2009-02 Height: 37.75" ------------------------------- I've received a lot of emails over the past year from "Big & Tall Guys", that feel...
  8. Fantasy Football Trophy

    My wife asked me to make a trophy for the fantasy football league at her office. She had the gnome and wanted it incorporated into the design. I carved the moon with the idea of putting the two together. The second picture is from one of my personal brainstorming sessions focusing on...
  9. Dragon Wood Carving, Fantasy Art

    I carved this dragon in a nice piece of Pine knot. Most of my wood spirit carvings are vertical and I decided to go horizontal with this one. "Puff" was quite a fun dragon to carve. All of the details, from his teeth to his eye, were carved in entirely by hand. I carve using rotary hand tools…...
  10. Custom Knife: Damascus Steel Blade, Brass Hand Guard, Deer Antler, Fantasy Marble Inlay

    This knife was a commissioned piece, so it has been "SOLD" If you would like something similar made for you, please email me. Also, I often have knives for sale in my Shop, Click here to see what is currently available email: [email protected] website:
  11. Lord of the Rings Bookends

    I made some star wars bookends for my daughter and thought it would be cool to make a set of lord of the rings ones too. I put strips of walnut in shag bark hickory for the back and bottom and walnut for the figure silhouettes. I would like to make the whole fellowship one day as a set.
  12. Dragon Portrait

    This is a Halloween pattern that I got from a Site. I decided that you can't really tell the difference between Halloween patterns and Scroll Saw patterns. So I print it out, and put it on my workpiece to give it a shot and see what I came out with. Here is the end result of what I done...
  13. Wizard Portrait!

    Here is another portrait from my Fantasy Vault! Hope you like it. Tech Specs: Materials: 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood Time: 1hr Difficulty: Intermediate Blades: FD-TC #3 Handi
  14. Drift wood fantasy

    This is a piece of drift wood I found I know not where. I've had it for a couple of years and several months ago I tried carving my first gnome home. Not sure where those second stairs are really going. I was needing a project I could work with in the house as the shop is unbearable in the...
  15. Custom Dress Walking Cane Bear Head hand carved Handle Walnut Bubinga Maple Fantasy Marble Carve

    This custom walking cane features Bubinga, Walnut, Hardrock Maple, Fantasy Marble and a hand carved walnut Bear's Head on the handle. Horse Head Walking Cane Serial Number #2011-04 Height: 38" tall. This custom walking cane was commissioned for more information on something similar, contact...
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    This Laguna F1 table saw without its wings is almost the saw for me. The Laguna FØ. It is like the Craftsman, Delta, and Atlas table saws of the 1950s, only better. The Laguna FØ would fit so well onto a shelf at the end of a work-bench serving as its outfeed table. A 20×27 cast iron table...
  17. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I often fantasize about what I would buy if I hit the lottery. What kind of house I would build? How sick of a shop I could design? And what tools I would buy to fill it? Sadly….. I'm so broke I can't even afford to buy a lotto ticket. So my chances are fairly slim. So I figured on a more...
1-17 of 17 Results