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  1. Mirror Frame "Scythian Lullaby"

    fumed oak, linden, amber, Ural malachite, mother-of-perl, 30-40 cm. A mirror in which the other reality is reflected. Sometimes we feel some warmth which comes from the workpiece. We also feel something delicate and elusive, which makes our heart ache like a nostalgia. It makes us remember...
  2. Jewelery Case "Guard fish and the medieval sea monsters"

    Jewelery Case "Guard fish and the medieval sea monsters" Linden, beech, fumed oak, oil painting. 21 cm Действующие лица: Рыба - быба - проводник: Плод авторской фантазии. Морской монах - Чудовище обитающее в северных морях. Морской монах пугает моряков давно, но со времен раннего...
  3. Blogs
    Fairy tale of *the old rusty Stanley hand plane.* The old rusty Stanley hand plane. Once upon a time in a little land called Denmark, up under the ceiling in a little house in the city of Copenhagen, right there on the back on the floor, amongst dust, dirt and shaves, an old rusty Stanley hand...
1-3 of 3 Results