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  1. Getting dressed

    This is a carving of Tinkerbell that I did for my "behind closed doors" project. Well things change, especially in my world. I have come up with a totally different scene in my mind for the inside of the box and am actually anxious for once to get going on it. It will take a long time to...
  2. Behind Closed Doors (viewer discretion is advised)

    This project is the finished project from my blog. If you haven't read the blog it would be neato if you took the time to do so. Here are some pictures of the interior of this project. picture of arch and door close up of carved door carved door open. I used soss hinges for this secret...
  3. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    well i just had to post this, its the very first time ive ever had this happen, im standing at my planer adjusting the head a bit lower and all of a sudden i see the front left post of my 15 inch delta moving, and holy cow, there is this cotton mouth swirling down and around the planer post…im...
1-3 of 3 Results