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  1. Projects Caution sign for 1855 house

    I needed to make a sign for the old 1855 historic house that I take care. I borrowed the leg design from a 1905 stained glass lamp that I made a couple of years ago......except I scaled the length of the 2 legs from 12 to 16" to give it more stability when supporting a sign that is 48 inches...
  2. Projects New Sign

    I recently found out a sign I made last year was not incorrect, because of new research on the old house. Got to make a new sign today with the correct year the house was built, and the right type of architecture. For more details on this project, use this link to see my woodworking web site...
  3. Hand-cranked Woman is Boss wood model

    A couple years ago, I built several whirligigs. One of those is called The Woman is the Boss and is a fun one to watch. I like to design and build hand-cranked toys for kids, but I have built so many that I have sort of run out of ideas on new ones. I got the idea that I could convert some of...
1-3 of 3 Results