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  1. This was my first attempt at cabinets

    We were having a house built and I told my wife that i would like to try to build the kitchen and bathroom cabinets to save money and she thought I was nuts. I signed up for a cabinet making class at Lee Valley Tools. And of course I had to buy some tools as well. My favorite tool so far is my...
  2. Built in bookcases

    These are built-in bookcases that I designed and made for my wife's sitting room. They are made from birch plywood and poplar. I'll be finishing up the shelves soon. They'd are also birch ply and polar. They have reinforcing edged on the front and back as I wanted them not to sag on the 34+"...
  3. Recycled Wall Cabinet

    When my house was built, I ended up with an extra cabinet front (the builder had installed the front where the dishwasher would eventually go). I kept the front and thought about building an additional cabinet with it to match the rest of the kitchen. This is what I came up with… I had to...
  4. ribbon jewelry box

    hi is around the corner, so i made two of these ribbon jewelry box for christmas grifts. I use curly maple and purple heart for this project, the box size is 10 inch x 5×6. I put a mirror behind the back cover and frame it with thin trim. installing the quadrant hinge toke some...
  5. Baby anarchists tool chest

    My version of Chris Schwarz's tool chest. I replicated certain aspects of it by just viewing others chests , the exact dimensions however are my own. It is made of pine and has a cedar panel for the lid. I made this chest around a year and half ago so my tools have been upgrades significantly...
  6. Cherry Dresser (Finally made something for me)

    This is my first project that I made something for me. I know, it is selfish, but I really needed a dresser! I made it with the help of WWGOA's George Vondriska and his online class. The carcass is made from 3/4 cherry plywood. A solid cherry fraceframe was made using pocket screws and glued...
  7. Look Ma, No Lathe

    This bowl/box was a fun project. Glued up a block of doug fir,Ipe,and Mahogany. Then sawed out the "bowl" with the bandsaw,added a doug fir bottom,and used a pine shelf scrap I had been saving for some time for the lid. I couldnt throw it away with the owl face in it and knew Id find a project...
  8. Baby storage bench

    This bench was primarily built as a storage solution for baby stuff. I really like the concept because it should continue to serve our needs beyond the toddler years. It's built primarily from birch plywood with poplar face frame and trim. I ordered all the baskets first and then designed based...

    This is a modification of the Display Bookcase Plan from American Woodworker September 2007 Issue #130. I built this Display Cabinet for a good friend with a very extensive, varied and quality fishing reel collection. It seems to be well accepted and well stocked. So, I am very pleased with the...
  10. Mobile Tool Carts (for my vintage radial arm saws)

    I made two mobile cabinets/carts that will be used as stands for my vintage DeWalt radial arm saws. The cabinets were made from maple and plywood. These were built heavy duty to support the weight of these cast-iron saws. Here's a video that shows more photos and construction details:
  11. Face Frame Cabinet Doors

    I built some cabinet doors and face frame to access more cabinet space, especially the far left cabinet door. This was a fun yet challenging build for me, as my skills are not that advanced. I used the Kreg concealed hinge jig to set the soft close hinges. It worked great. All in all, I...
  12. Having Fun with 2X4s: Poor man's Storage Shelf

    Because our first baby comes within few weeks, I need to hurry up and complete my honey do list. I have tackle down organizing basement today. My wife suggested me to buy several storage shelves from Lowes… I found out that storage shelves are not cheap! It goes from cheaply made $35 to...
  13. Ribbon box

    A box just finished, made of walnut and birdseye maple with a homemade ribbon banding. A little on the large size for me, 17"W x 9"D x 7"H. finished with shellac.
  14. Bathroom Storage and Vanity Cabinet and a built-in storage with TV shelf

    This is my youngest sons rental home where I was able to experiment with my new hobby. The bath vanity and Linen closet are face framed with premium pine that is biscuit jointed together and the doors are MDF that I routed into a raised panel. I just used a high quality primer and semi gloss...
  15. Bathroom Built In

    This is a built in that I made to fit into a hole in the bathroom. I made this out of some 3/4 cabinet plywood from a big box store that was on sale for $27 a sheet. I picked through it and found the best pieces that I could although most of it was garbage. The case is assembled with dados...
  16. dining room hutch

    This is a New Yankee Worshop plan made from pine. The base cabinet has edge joined solid wood sides. The top is jointed with biscuits. The back of the shelf unit is bead board tongue and groove. This was an awesome project to learn lap joints which were used on the face frame, and of course...
  17. Valentine Sweetheart Box

    Walnut and Maple music box for my wife for Valentine's. The Godiva cholates was the easy part.
  18. Jewelry Box's in Walnut & Purple Heart

    and more christmas presents
  19. My Mailbox

    This was a quick and easy answer to our need for a mailbox.
  20. Daughters heart chair

    Daughters Heart desk, with my aspiring model. Built form a picture taken at a furniture store, no plans, no example infront of me. Thats how I challange myself.
1-20 of 67 Results