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  1. Some segmented wildlife portraits

    I have done probably 20 of these segmentations. They are all cut from 1-x-12 Poplar and measure around 12-x-12. They are cut from a pattern, stained and reassembled with a slight 3D effect that was surprising the first time I assembled one. The book is called Animal Portraits in Wood by Neal...
  2. Table Challenge: Stage 1.

    ok so I am really stubborn!! For those of you not reading blogs, I'll just say that I've tried everything to get the photos to show up and some people can see them and some people can't. SO… I'll post them here and I win!! :D Photo 1: The First Cut.. using the little ripper, cutting the wood...
  3. Odds and Ends - Some old Projects

    . .Above is a Shoji wardrobe I also designed, I put small strip lights inside to emphasize the paper . . . Shaker Step-up and Cherry table . . Bedside Lamp. Beech finished as Cherry. I know the Shakers didn't have electric lamps but I think they might look like these . . . Shaker Chair The...
  4. Thanks, Peter Lloyd

    Well…....I haven't made nor posted anything new in a while. You know, school and work kinda take up a lotta my time. I am taking a humanities class this semester and it is really inspiring me to start creating again. God created me with a gift for being artistic and I have been neglecting that...
  5. Two Myrtlewood Platters

    These are two Oregon Myrtlewood platters that I made. The first one is about 9" the larger is about 11" Both finished with laquer.
  6. If you can't afford clamps ...

    Just mucking about in the workshop. I needed some long clamps and felt stomach-sick at the price. So I went and got just under US$10 of meranti (Philipine mahogany, but not the good grade) and US$3 of brass rod. It was also an opportunity to practice some long disused skills, so I made them...
  7. Lathe Steady Rest- Break Open Style

    This is a steady rest for the 12" Harbor Freight lathe in our park in Arizona. It is made from 1" Baltic Birch plywood, some steel and aluminum and a small piece of jarrah for the key on the bottom. It is finished with wiped on Shellac. The weather was pretty crappy the last 2 days and I had...
  8. Corner Picture Frame

    I had to use Sketchup to get the mental image to build this project. What your looking at is how the frame will look on the wall. The picture can be a 3D image where you can look at three sides of the picture and three different angles. I will post the final pictures here when the frame is...
  9. Vase the wall angular.

    Vase the wall angular. Oak. Incrustation on an oak. The mouse chose and told - It is my house. All agreed on that also stopped
  10. Communion Serving Tray

    This is a very simple serving tray for Communion wine. The wood is Tasmanian Oak finished with MinWax Wipe-On Poly. I made about twenty of these. The holes are sized to accept small plastic disposable communion 'cups'.
  11. The Bed

    This bed was my wedding present to my wife. It's queen size, quarter-sawn white oak with wenge details and maple panels. The through-tenons are pinned with wenge. This was made in 2004 and was the first completely original design I made for a large piece (It was inspired by a bed from a book...
  12. OSB jewellery box (sorry)

    Hi all. I think I raised a few eyebrows with my OSB nightstand a few weeks ago (thanks for all the cool and helpful comments, by the way), so I thought I might as well post all the other things I've made from this "ugly duckling" material for those of you who want to know more about its...
  13. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Hi everyone , Here is my latest Extreme Birdhouse article .It is in the December issue of Get U.K They are readable here !
  14. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I am wondering if anyone here gets Woodshop News Magazine . I have a article in Feb 2010 issue (Extreme Birdhouses ) but i don,t get it here in Canada . I am hoping someone who gets it can scan it and send it to me .Thanks in advance !
  15. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    A few weeks ago i decided it was time to redo my website and update it . I had a local guy do it more me . I am looking for any suggestions on how to improve my site or other things i could add to make things more interesting . Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated ...
  16. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Here is my latest article , it just came out yesterday ! :-)
  17. Woodworking Skill Share
  18. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Please !!! It,s not even for a birdhouse :-) It,s for my garden shed . Here is the contest .
  19. Site Help and Suggestions
    Today is my fifth year at Lumberjocks . When i started here there were only a few hundred members and now it has grown to the worlds largest woodworking site . I am very grateful to Martin and MsDebbie for all the work they do to make this such a great place to be and thanks to Nathan for the...
  20. Blogs
    My new workshop I just recently bought a house a few months ago and i manage to get my own shop for a change . Beats working out of my house . lol It was a old horse barn built in 1936 . My shop has two storey,s and is 1,300 square ft . I still have a lot of organizing to do ...
1-20 of 34 Results