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  1. Didgeridoo in Cis, Velvet Sumac (Fluweelboom)

    This didgeridoo was made especially for the exposition "Vormgevers in Hout" at Fort bij Vechten, last weekend (see: ) This exposition shows the work of more than 50 craftsmen, chairbuilders, carpenters, greenwood workers and artists… My contribution is...
  2. exposition stand

    Exposition stand for long-handled prunning saws. I made it for our family business. We import and sell woodworking/gardening tools. It was a usefull practice for working out the joinery principles. All the joints were cut by hand. Surfaces were planed with a handplane and rubbed with beeswax. It...
  3. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I may have mentioned that I added a lot of machines to my shop last spring, summer, and fall with money saved on utility bills due to the extremely mild weather. For example, my September bill was $400 less than this January bill. Over seven months I bought a band saw, table saw, planer, cast...
1-3 of 3 Results