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  1. a fancy scrap side table experiment

    This is a table that I made for a friend a few years back. It is made up from shop scraps and the legs weed pulled off a table in the trash. The engraving is Italian, the rough translation is "this is dog ********************".
  2. Rock Salt Lamp Stand

    Y'know those Himalayan salt lamps that are not only popular, but also are purported to have healing/restorative qualities? Most of the ones I've seen are just the rock salt without a stand. As usual, my thoughts went almost immediately to how they might be "enhanced". This is just one result...
  3. Another bowed keyboard

    This is more of a prototype than anything, made from 2×4's and plywood. This is another attempt to produce sound by mechanically bowing something (in this case tuned brass rods) and selecting notes with a keyboard. This instrument only has 24 notes, the reason so few is, it produces vibrations...
  4. Blogs
    A small fall update afther a bussy summer. I havent had time to Write mutch during summer, and i must admitt tracking in the Mountains and Salomon Fishing have occupied a lott of my time. The summers up here in the Mountains are short, intense and to be enjoyed to its fullest. I have been...
1-6 of 6 Results