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  1. Jewellery box in cherry and walnut

    Yes, it's another box from that English bloke. I've pushed the boat out a bit with this one and fitted it with a quadrant hinge to hold the lid back and a lock. As stated, the main construction is in cherry with a walnut inset lid and plinth. The tray and interior dividers are mahogany from the...
  2. expanding/collapsable bowl

    I saw something like this that came from india and decided i had to try it. The bowl is 1 piece of wood mounted onto the bottom plate. It is a long spiral cut on a 2 degree angle so that as the bolw goes up it locks into itself. As you lift the handle, it acts as a lever to expand the bowl.
  3. Expanding Trivets

    I got one made like this years ago from one of my sisters, came from costplus or similar. My mother-in-law saw it and liked it, so I decided to make her one. And since I was making one…. I actually have ten of these assembled. They require lots of sanding; even a slight irregularity 1/64" or so...
  4. Arts & Crafts Flip Top Table

    I have a standing offer that everyone in my family gets to choose (at least) one thing for me to make them. I explain this offer with enough seriousness that they don't choose without thinking. My intention is to make them something that will last for the rest of their lives. Maybe I succeed...
  5. Expanding Trivit

    I was teaching a course in veneering and I mentioned to the students that they shouldn't feel intimidated to make their own veneer from solid if they had no source of machine cut veneers. They looked at me doubtfully so I started with some scraps in the wood pile and in 45 minutes, had a...
  6. Henry Green Puzzle / Jupe / Expanding Table

    I have finally finished my version of a Henry Greene Puzzle Table, Expanding Table, or Jupe Table depending whom you are talking with. I found a base for the table online that I liked and reproduced with a few changes. The finish woods are Mahogany and Mahogany veneers. All sub framing is white...
  7. Farm Table

    This was my first big project - our dining room table. #2 pine and tung oil stain. Nothing fancy, but perfect for our place. Walnut pegs into a stub-tongue tenon into the breaboard end. Mortise and tenon with those oak dowel pegs in the skirt - probably should have stuck with the square peg...
  8. Woodworking Skill Share
    So I've been an avid woodworker all my life but for some reason I have only recently seen my first Fletcher automated expanding table. After watching the youtube video of one of their tables in action over and over about a million times, I am still completely mesmerized by the engineering...
  9. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    How to crush a car : 4 and a half minutes of good fun >grin< MythBusters Adam and Jamie vaporize a car with a rocket sled going 650 mph
  10. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Here's another from him. Larry, maybe you could use this in a Lazy Larry? :-))
1-10 of 10 Results