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  1. Projects Central American Cocobolo ” Honey Pot.”

    This is one of my wife’s favorite bowls. It’s a 6”x4.5” Cocobolo ” Honey Pot.” Wood come from Central America and the pictures are not as good as seeing this one in person. Bowl is gorgeous!
  2. The Cutting Boards That Started It All

    I glued up these two cutting board a while back to get rid of some of the collection of exotic scraps that accumulate but I didn't finish them. Last month I glued up more scraps for 5 more smaller boards to be donated at my 45 hs reunion. The boards were a very big hit and one of my...
  3. routerless cabinet

    maybe this is a case of putting the cart before the horse, but I have built a router cabinet for the router that I don't own yet. When the summer contest opened, i had this idea for using the doors from an old dart cabinet as doors for my new router cabinet. i was looking at a used router at...
  4. Wooden Exotic Hardwood Bookmarks

    Here are some more bookmarks I've made using scrap pieces of exotic hardwoods. They are made from (in order left to right) Zebrawood, Bubinga, Purpleheart, and Curly Maple. The finish is nothing more than mineral oil and wax. Instead of ribbon (which seemed a little too froo froo for my...
  5. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Ok so I got a chain email with some beautiful panoramic pictures of Lead, South Dakota. Pictures were taken on Jan-05-10 I never been there, so I have no idea if all this is true but one thing I'm completely sure… Thank God I am a California boy. Shorts and T shirts most of the year. Enjoy...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Is anyone interested in buying whole collection of figured hardwoods? Have all types and varieties. For example, figured maples, madrones, and redwood, spalted myrlewood, curly maple and koa, zebrawood, african padauk, birdseye maple, bubinga, and many more. Have about 1,800 board ft. of...
1-6 of 6 Results